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These are questions asked by xaratustra


if I write N[0]:=1; and press enter, I will get the response

N[0] := 1

Now if in my large document I happen to have defined a variable b:=5; then later 
I try to define another variable N[b]:=1; and press enter, I get this response:

N[5] := 2

But N[b] has nothing to do with "b". Why does Maple do this? Is there 
some concept I am missing? In what context is this useful?

many thanks.

I was trying to use the LeviCivita in the physics package to type the left side of the following equation and let maple compute the right side, where it considers the totally antisymmetric tensor identity which reduces to 4 Kronckers. Then the Kroneckers disappear and give rise to the right hand side. But I don't know how to tell maple to do this. There is also another Levi_Civita command in the tensor package.


Hello Everyone,

I am using Maple for printing out my calculations which already look good. I wonder if there is there a way to draw a box around some important resutls or equations, something like the "\boxed" command in LaTeX?



Hello everyone

It seems I can't live without keyboard shortcuts :-) Is there is a short cut for the following commands:


execute the entire worksheet
remove output from sheet
join/split execution groups


I'm on mac.




I am missing two options in the "fieldplot3d" command, which I am using in cylindrical coordinates: one is "style=contour" and the other is "axes=cylindrical" where apparently only the "axes=boxed" option as available.
Any ideas how I can get this?

Or can I show a polar plane at one end of the cylinder? like in the post:

this is my plot:


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