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Hi everyone,

I have a 2nd order system which I want to solve. But the solver outputs no results after evaluation, just returns to the prompt. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

ICS:=x[1](0)=5, x[2](0)=10, D(x[1])(0)=0.1,D(x[2])(0)=0.2;
dsolve({sys_ode, ICS});


sorry for this funny question, but where is the "Print Preview" command, it is not under File menu anymore and the export to PDF function is also missing... What am I doing wrong?

running Maple 14 under Max OS X, SL.




imagine I have the following line:




can I tell Maple not to merge everything together? I want to have it all seperated, like a separate fraction for y/2 another for 4/3 and then comes the sine, with small spaces between them, indicating multiplication.



Hi everyone,

how do I turn off the black brackets at the beginning of each line in 1-D maple math input? i.e. instead of "[>" only ">" at the beginning of each line?




Hi everyone,

when I use:


then maple answers with the unit [F]. but when I use:


then in the middle of a large document, Maple (Version 12) ignores [m] and still gives me [F]. On a blank (new) document the same command results in correct units [m^-3 kg^-1 s^4 A^2]. The behaviour is reproducible.

anyone knows why?

cheers :-)



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