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Hi, there

How can I find the recurrence relation  for second derivative of sequence of functions  f-{n}(x)=\frac{(1-x^2)^n}{n!} in  maple 15?

please specify the commands.

we know the solution f"_{n}(x)=2(1-2n)f_{n-1}(x)+4f_{n-2}(x)


M.R. Yegan

  Hi, there

How can I draw the excircles, incircles,circumcircle and their centers of a triangle simultaneously with maple13 in a geometric plot? please specify the commands.

many thanks for your help


Hi there

I use Maple13 for plotting the surface of revolution of y=x^2 around the line y=1 on the interval [1,2]. But the distance between the surface 

and the vertical axis is ignored while there must be 1 unit distance.please specify the correct command.

Thanks for your cooperation


M. R. Yegan

   Hi there,

   How can we pl0t the volume or surface of revolution of cardioid r=1-cos(\theta) about  polar axis or the vertical axis in maple14.

 Any help will be appreciated.


Hi, there

How can we plot the volume of revolution of the region between two curves y=2x-x^2 and y=sqrt(2x-x^2) around the x-axis?

Any help will be appreciated. I used a command in maple 13 but the result was a sphere!



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