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Hello all,



As in title I am really bothered with result in floating number obtained from laplace(expr, t, s).

I have a target to laplace and the laplace() gives me result with floating numbers.

(ex. laplace(diff(diff(f(t),t), t), t, s) = laplace(s^2. * laplace(f(t), t, s) : the period after 2 is annoying)


How can I avoid or do some conversions to kill the periods?


Hello all,


I have a question about converting a continuous piecewise function to Heaviside function, which the function includes trunc() in its conditions.

(I found differentiating piecewise function gives me "undefined" at boundary)


When I do that operation (convert(piecewisefunc, Heaviside)) I get the error below.

"Error, (in piecewise/simprootsstep) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 0 < 183.3333333*Pi"

Hello all,


as in title I have trouble with exporting simulation result data in MapleSim.

Storing the result works fine, but the problem occurs when it comes to exporting (and viewing the result again).

The console says

"at offset 67895293 in `C:\Users\YUKIHI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\_result2_68856801825556689291274099867619489771.m`, unexpected end of file "


the simulation settings are as follows.

td : 2 ms

Hello all,


I created an active high pass filter and tried to obtain bode plot from "Linear System Analysis."

I could do that but now I want a transfer function of the active hight pass filter.


So as in title, I want to know how to get transfer function of the system from "Linear System Analysis."


Any helps would be appriciated.




I used MapleSim to obtain system's equation by "Equation Extraction."

In the equation, there is a strange command displayed as "preopt" and I have no idea know what this command does.

This command appears in piecewise that contains roots.

I used helps (both Maple's help and the help on the website) and googles but still don't get any idea.


Can anyone tell me what "preopt" command is?

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