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Eigenvectors(A, C) can be used to solve the eigenvalue problem:
A . x = lambda . C . x

if a new term " lambda^2 . D . x " is added to the right hand side, where D is a new matrix, is there a simple way to solve the new eigenvalue problem:

A . x = lambda . C . x + lambda^2 . D . x

Thank you!

Simple Maple procedure definition is like this:

f := proc (x, y) sin(x+y)-exp(x)*y end proc:

How can I use indexed parameter declarations, say:

f := proc (x[1], y[2]) sin(x[1]+y[2])-exp(x[1])*y[2] end proc:

where x and y are arrays of unknowns. It seems that this does not work in Maple 13.

Originally, I want to solve a set of n nonlinear equations with n unknowns W[n] using fsolve(), and the output is a set of equations, say:

I was running on Maple 11 to calculate the determinant of large size square matrices. The matrix is sparse with floating-point entries and the size is roughly 6000*6000. Because the matrix is sparse, I set "storage=sparse" in defining the matrix, so that there is no storage problem. But when I used the command dtn:=Determinant(A, method=float) to calculate the determinant, there were the following problems:

Error, (in Matrix) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.  Please see ?alloc

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