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I run Maple 15 on an Acer laptop with Windows 7 and have the following problem:

When my Maple documents become "too" long, some of the vectors I have created seem to become tables instead (without me doing anything) rendering vector multiplications and additions/subtractions impossible (they'll throw an error; something like it not being possible to multiply a vector and a table. As if one of the vectors in my multiplication has become a table). Should it...

Can maple solve this kind of inequality:
piecewise(x > k, x-k, 0) > q * piecewise(x*(1+a) - k > 0, x*(1+a) - k, 0) + p * piecewise(x*(1+b) - k > 0, x*(1+a) - k, 0)
where p, q, a, b, k are parameters?

I'm trying solve-command with allsolutions option but it doesn't work :(


Thanks for answering :)


How can I use loop-varible in a definition of piecewise function? For example, when I do:

for k to 5 do

f[k] := x -> piecewise(x > 0, k, 0);

end do;




I get:

f[3](1) = 6

f[2](1) = 6

Hi everyone,


I would like to do:

Basically it is to define j(f(x))
But this is doesn't work. What is the right way to do it?\
My final goal is to calculate int(j(f(x)), f(x)=-infinity..infinity).

I have the following lines of code:




for c from 0 to 2 do

  for d from 0 to 2 do


  end do

end do;


I mean to compute the coefficients in front of powers of e inside...

I more than 20000 data points on a an excel file and i want to plot one column against the other. So I imported 10 data points from each column seperately and tried ploting it as a normal plot but it would not work. I kept on getting error messages like 


Error, (in plot) incorrect first argument [Array(1..10, 1..1, {(1, 1) = 0.83333e-2, (2, 1) = 0.166666e-1, (3, 1) = 0.249999e-1, (4, 1) = 0.333332e-1, (5, 1) = 0.416665e-1, (6, 1...

Like this! Some error. How to do it


I have a 6 x 6 matrix. I want to employ Cramer's rule to solve Gx=Θ. I need to sequently substitute column Vector Θ into the matrix columns. I can't get this to work. I have only being using Maple for a couple of weeks so still finding my way.



This plot was never created. I think it's taking too long to evaluate it when it's divegent.


Hi all,

For my research purpose, I need to integrate this function. I understand that there maybe values for which this integration is divegent. But is there a way to look into it? Say creat...


Could you please help me with the following system of equations:

> restart; with(student);
> Z[0] = 377;
> solve({Z = 1/(j*w*C[1]+1/(j*w*L[1])+1/R)+1/(j*w*C[2]+1/(j*w*L[2])), C[1] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[0]^2-w[1]^2)), C[2] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[0]^2)), L[1] = 1/(w[1]^2*C[1]), L[2] = 1/(w[2]^2*C[2]), R[1] = subs(w = w[1], 2*Z[0]*(1-S[21...

A common example to emphasize that it is not OK to bring absolute values inside the integral compares

abs( int( cos(n*x), x=0..Pi ) ) asuming n::integer


int( abs( cos(n*x) ), x=0..Pi ) assuming n::integer

Maple correctly formulates the first to 0. But the second expression gives it more trouble, returning two messages:

Warning, unable to determine if (1/2)*Pi*(1+2*_Z7)/n is between 0 and Pi; try to use assumptions or use the AllSolutions option
Warning, unable to determine if (1/2)*Pi*(1+2*_Z8)/n is between 0 and Pi; try to use assumptions or use the AllSolutions option

Hey guys,


How do I find a max in a 3d plot? I've tried plottools[getdatat] but keep getting the error of


"Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module"




Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the Brownian Motion (I'm using Maple 15).

Here is the code:


X1:=SamplePath(X(t),t=0..T,timesteps =T/d):



The last line give me a number different from zero, which is not true for a Brownian Motion as defined.

Could you please tell me where is the problem?


PS: I have the same problem with WienerProcess(sigma).

I would like download Maple 15.1. Please Help.

Thank you Your more general solution works very well. I am very new to maple so still struggling with basics.

How would I get maple to display each part of the output on a line, i.e. A,B,C,D prints on seperate lines.

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