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how can I solve this equation

This is the first time I used the Maple software so I haven't known clearly about it. could you give me a document about " How to use Maple ".

Thank you.

i came into some questions when i wanted to solve a pde systerm as follows:

> pde := diff(u(x, y), y, y, y, y) = 0;
> sys := [pde, u(x, 0) = 0, u(x, a) = F0, (D[`$`(2, 2)](u))(x, 0) = 0, (D[2, 2](u))(x, a)-beta*(D[2](u))(x, a) = 0];
> pds := pdsolve(sys);
Error, (in pdsolve/sys/info) found functions with same name but depending on different arguments in the given DE system: u(x, a), u(x, y). It is required an indication of the dependent variables



I am trying to solve the following equation:




A, B, C and D are all sum of sins and cosines.


Should I use COMBINE first and then solve, I am not getting what I want. hope there is a way to evaluate this function.


Looking forward to your kind replies

Thanks in advance





Is there anyway to disable the superscript so it works exactly like in Classic Maple, so the whole equation stays inline? Having it go to where it should be makes marginally easier for me to read it, but having to press the right arrow to leave the superscript is extremely annoying and time consuming.

Edit: example: I want it to stay as 10^5 instead of 105, at least while I'm writing.


I'm new to Maple and am using it to solve linear and non-linear differential equations.

I can solve and plot linear DEs using a couple of methods. Im trying to solve a non-linear DE and i could find the series solution using dsolve. But given certain initial conditions, is there any way to plot or see the nature of the behaviour of the DE? I just want to see how the DE will look like maybe for certain points up to a certain level of accuracy. Is there any way to do that?

Hi all,

I have an array [1..2503] y-axis for different values,  x-axis [0..180], 

when I plot these two arrays its not possible.   but if I change x-axis [1..2503] then plot is ok... I want to plot x-axis [0..180] and y-axis [1..2503]



A.Q   Soton

I want to find the diffrential equation of

Hi everyone,

Here is the code:






I have a rather large multivatiate polynomial "Dtest"  I need to divie it by a cubic poly "DGm" using rem and quo. Both are determinants multiplied out,  both given below. Have spent the past 2 nights trying to sort, collect, expand, equate coefficients plex groebner etc. Am trying to collect up all the powers of c3 but cant anything to work. even expand doesn't fully expand "Dtest". If I set c1 and c2 to 1 things are...

I have to solve a linear system

in Maple. A is a tridiagonal matrix.

My problem is that my matrix A is big and therefore, I have to wait too long. Is there some function in Maple that can help this problem?

I'm trying to visualize a 3-Dimensional function, the color being the 4th dimension. All the examples that I have found of the so called plot3d function only involve 2D functions, the third dimension really being the return value of the function. I need more: I have a 3D function which takes in (x,y,z) if you like, and outputs one number. I'd like to visualize this function in maple. 




See the code mli.mws

What is the mistake in this command ?

chfonc:=cat('piecewise(' , seq(cat(convert(t<lf[k],string) , ' , 1 , ' ,convert(t<lf[k],string), ' , 1 , ' ) , k=1..p) , '1) ') :

scatter2d  quantile2 scatter1d is removed?

with(stats): with(statplots): with(transform):
with(random): with(describe): with(plots):

who(things) replace it?


Suppose that S1,S2,S3 are 3 blocks of a matrix S := Matrix(...). I would like to do


out := ArrayTools:-Concatenate(2,convert(S1,vector),convert(S2,vector),convert(S3,vector)):

but in the case when I have n blocks.




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