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I have a 6 x 6 matrix. I want to employ Cramer's rule to solve Gx=Θ. I need to sequently substitute column Vector Θ into the matrix columns. I can't get this to work. I have only being using Maple for a couple of weeks so still finding my way.



This plot was never created. I think it's taking too long to evaluate it when it's divegent.


Hi all,

For my research purpose, I need to integrate this function. I understand that there maybe values for which this integration is divegent. But is there a way to look into it? Say creat...


Could you please help me with the following system of equations:

> restart; with(student);
> Z[0] = 377;
> solve({Z = 1/(j*w*C[1]+1/(j*w*L[1])+1/R)+1/(j*w*C[2]+1/(j*w*L[2])), C[1] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[0]^2-w[1]^2)), C[2] = w[c]*(w[0]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[1]^2)/(2*Z[0]*(w[1]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[c]^2)*(w[2]^2-w[0]^2)), L[1] = 1/(w[1]^2*C[1]), L[2] = 1/(w[2]^2*C[2]), R[1] = subs(w = w[1], 2*Z[0]*(1-S[21...

A common example to emphasize that it is not OK to bring absolute values inside the integral compares

abs( int( cos(n*x), x=0..Pi ) ) asuming n::integer


int( abs( cos(n*x) ), x=0..Pi ) assuming n::integer

Maple correctly formulates the first to 0. But the second expression gives it more trouble, returning two messages:

Warning, unable to determine if (1/2)*Pi*(1+2*_Z7)/n is between 0 and Pi; try to use assumptions or use the AllSolutions option
Warning, unable to determine if (1/2)*Pi*(1+2*_Z8)/n is between 0 and Pi; try to use assumptions or use the AllSolutions option

Hey guys,


How do I find a max in a 3d plot? I've tried plottools[getdatat] but keep getting the error of


"Error, index must evaluate to a name when indexing a module"




Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the Brownian Motion (I'm using Maple 15).

Here is the code:


X1:=SamplePath(X(t),t=0..T,timesteps =T/d):



The last line give me a number different from zero, which is not true for a Brownian Motion as defined.

Could you please tell me where is the problem?


PS: I have the same problem with WienerProcess(sigma).

I would like download Maple 15.1. Please Help.

Thank you Your more general solution works very well. I am very new to maple so still struggling with basics.

How would I get maple to display each part of the output on a line, i.e. A,B,C,D prints on seperate lines.

Hi everyone,

I tried to solve the following system of equations with Maple 15:

You can copy paste the commands below to get the equations
pde1 := [diff(`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t), t) =
diff(`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t), x)+n[o](x, t)-`#msub(mi("n"),mo("&uminus0;"))`(x, t)]


pde2 := [diff(n[o](x, t), t) = 0.3139e-2*(diff(n[o](x, t), x, x))-2*n[o](x, t)+`#msub(mi("n"...

Hey Guys,

I'm new to Maple and am having problems two problems. The first is I can not get anything to show up on my plot and the second is I'm getting a erorr of "Error, (in fsolve) Can't handle expressions with typed procedures". The code can be seen below;


When using Maple 15, sometimes the pagackages and formulas that were previously defined seem to completely drop it.  I'll load packages and assign variables at the beginning of my project, yet after maybe 10 minutes or so, I have to redefine my variables and reload my pacakges.  I have noticed that it happens more often if I try to switch over to the "Text" tab and then back to "Math."  It's very intermittent, Maple will be working just fine churning out graphs,...

eq1 := x+y+z+a*t-s = 0;
eq2 := x-y+2*z-t = 1;
eq3 := 2*x-y+t+s = a;
eq4 := 2*x-3*y+z-2*t+2*s = 3;
eq5 := -y+4*z-3*t-s = 0;

solve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4, eq5}, {x, y, z, t, s});

I need to solve this system in any case in which the value of a is not 2. If I substitute a by 2, the system is solved, but if I try to solve it like this or if I try to substitute a by any value that is not 2, not even an error appears.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I've...



I measured some points. This points are plotted in a graph. Now I want to make a fit on this points.

I now that the fit-function has to be like this:

F = A + B1 x e^(-t/C1) + B2 x e^(-t/C2)

Problem: how can I create a fitting function like that?


The best thing I found is the "spline"-fit, but it doesn't work properly. It has to be one lonely function, not a summary of several functions (like spline).

I have a problem with solving these two equations.

When I put this into maple -> solve([0.4=a*cos(b*8)+3 and 0.2=-a*sin(b*8)*b],[a,b])

It say: "Warning, solutions may have been lost". I don't know what to do.


why do i get this 
"Error, (in solve) cannot solve expressions with diff(diff(y(x), x), x) for x"
when i input these: 
> restart; with(DEtools); with(plots); with(linalg);
> ode2 := x^2*(diff(y(x), `$`(x, 2)))+x*(diff(y(x), x))+4*y(x) = -2*x+7; bc2 := y(1) = 7, y(4) = -1;
a := 1; b := 4
ic2 := bc2[1], (D(y))(a) = alpha
constraint := lhs(bc2[2])-rhs(bc2[2]); constraint = 0
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