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I just noticed something rather peculiar (well, to me, at least). When I compute the limit


as is, I get the expected result of exp(1).


However, if I load the RealDomain package prior to computing the limit,



I get that the limit is undefined. 

Any ideas as to why that is the case? Thanks!

As an intermediate result in a longer calculation I got the following equation:

a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0

Isolating p, Maple delivers

isolate(a*(p-ps)+b*(p-ps-b*ys/a+E-ys) = 0,p)


Calculated manually,...

Dear all,

Maple gives me the complete solution to the attached PDE. This solution is expressed in terms of KummerU and KummerM. What I want is to obtain the solution for real numbers only, i.e. I want to get rid of the possible imaginary numbers in the solution. This implies that the separation constant, _c1, must be less or equal to 2r. 

How can I do this?

Furthermore, the four arbitrary constants will need to be determined through boundary conditions....

Hi all

Im trying to calculate scientific error propagation with data from Excel. Unfortunately Im having troubles making the package work. What I want to do is import a list from Excel with values, and another list of the error of each value.

The problem comes when using the Combine function on the imported arrays from excel.
Could anyone help me work this out? I feel it should be possible for Maple to import tables from Excel, calculate the propagated error. ...

I have four equations:

eqs:={8x-5z=0, -5y-2x=0, 2z-8y=0} and 13x-4y+9z=1

I've been trying for the past hour to solve both equations for x, y, and z and have not been successful.

What commands do I use to solve this problem?

Hi,i'm new with maple, please help me solve these 2nd order ODES :)





my codes are:


declare((x, y)*t)

deq2 := diff(x(t), `$`(t, 2)) = -x(t)/(x(t)^2+y(t)^2)^(3/2), diff(y(t), `$`(t, 2)) = -y(t)/(x(t)^2+y(t)^2)^(3/2)

ic2 := x(0) = 1, (D(x))(0) = 0, y(0) = 0, D(y) = 1

rosen := dsolve({ic2, deq2}, type = numeric, stiff = true, {x(t), y(t)})

What does error message in Title mean, and how can I cure it? (I cannot copy and paste from my .ws into thie question box).

Best ragards,     Michael Caola


I would see on the monitor the vector n > 10 with all his components, but the output of Maple is always the structure of the vectors.

For example, if I write:

Is there any easy way to download (or upload) several files in my maplecloud simultaneously. I seem to be able to highlight several files, but when I control-click it then only selects one.



I am trying to solve the so called Bethe ansatz equations in Mathematical Physics.

I have four multivariate polynomials equations with four unknown p_i(x[1],x[2],x[3],x[4]) i=1,2,3,4; which have integer coefficients. The equations are mixed; P_i is linear in x[j] for x[j]\ne x[i]; and x[i] is of order 10. Due to this structure,  I first eliminate x[4] from these equations. Then use resultant to eliminate x[3],  I got error messages (invalid series, in gcd...

To draw a disk...

February 14 2012 alamanya 36


I'd like to draw a disk with center (0,0,0) , radius 1, in the plane theta=constant (or y=tan(theta) x), where theta is given different of 0.

How can I proceed?



Hello Maple wizards,

I have two questions for you today.

First, a program I'm developing in Maple 15 does frequent matrix multiplication with a constant float[8] matrix. I hope to take advantage of multiple processors in my 6-way desktop processor and/or CUDA features of the Nvidia GPU card. The program is large enough that maintainability and good programming practice dictate that it be broken down into multiple procs. In addition, I'm considering...

Is there a bug in the CodeTools:-EncodeName / DecodeName pair?

Consider the following minimal example:

M := module() option package; export f; f := proc() end proc; end module;

The EncodeName gives answer:

_Inert_ASSIGNEDLOCALNAME("f", "PROC", 0, _Inert_ATTRIBUTE(_Inert_NAME("protected", _Inert_ATTRIBUTE(_Inert_NAME("protected")))))

But applying...

I am currently taking a course in quantum mechanics using the second edition of McQuarrie's Quantum Chemistry text. I plan to take a QM II course, more concentrating on atomic and molecular spectra. I have been using Mathcad 15, which includes Maple functionality (please pardon my stating the obvious). Mathcad, however, seems to lack functionality (or I have not found it) that would be helpful, like the ability to easily define an operator. Since...

Today, after hours of hunting a persistent bug in a worksheet, I discovered something i did not know about Maples evaluation strategy. Consider the following Maple code:


Now the variable 'a' holds the value of 1. Now consider the case where 'a' is a vector:


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