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This Saturday is Canada’s 150th birthday. As you can imagine, the country has been paying a lot more attention to this year’s anniversary than our usual low key approach, and as a Canadian company, we at Maplesoft decided to join in the fun.

And what better way for Maplesoft to celebrate Canada’s birthday than to create a maple leaf in Maple! 

So here is a maple leaf inspired by the Canada 150 logo, which was created by Ariana Cuvin, a student at the University of Waterloo:

Here’s the code to reproduce this plot:





Know other ways to plot a maple leaf in Maple?  If so, please share them below - we’d love to see them!

Is there any method or a command to use or type so Maple start running something or evaluating and if it took more than a specific amount of time, then itself automatically stops itself without needing me to interrupt the evaluation?

For example let's say I wrote a proc, for some inputs it may compute the output fast but in some it may even don't answer after hours. Now I am writing a for and I don't know for which steps it can answer in less than a minute. So I like to add something so that Maple starts the FOR but in steps that it takes more than a minute, it automatically stops evaluation at that step and jump to the next step.

I am trying to plot some graphs for a differential equations class. I need to plot two equations (soln1a, soln1b1) in one graph, with the two curves overlayed on each other. I am trying to plot them on a graph named "gr1c". The error I get says "Error, (in plots/multiple) empty plot". Clicking on the error results in a webpage saying that "There is no help page available for this error".

When I plot each equation separately, there are no errors. The graphing command that works for soln1a is 



and the graphing command that works for soln1b1 is


My code is as follows. I would greatly appreciate any help ASAP to remove the error. Thank you!



deG:=diff(theta(t),t,t) + mu*diff(theta(t),t)+K*sin(theta(t))= 0;
deL:=diff(theta(t),t,t) + mu*diff(theta(t),t)+K*theta(t)= 0;
Iv:=theta(0)=0.75, D(theta)(0)=2.0;



Unfortunately, the Differential Geometry package is too difficult for non-mathematicians. Is there a package in the Maple for classical differential geometry?

dear all,

I have a problem when I try to find points on boundary of the surface.

the surface ploted from a matrix as follow:


please help me to generate a bondary curve of this surface.





Dear all,


I want to plot three different plots but not at once! I mean I want to have an animated plot / gif file which shows the plots one by one:

first plot1, then plot2 is added, and at the end plot 3 is added!


Let's say my plots are





Do you have any suggestions for me?


I have made a program to plot y(t) vs x(t). Can you please modify to plot y vs x data from an excel file.

Given x in A column and y in B column in 5 rows.

Example data: [[1,1],[2,4],[3,9],[4,16],[5,26]]



Ramakrishnan V

x dot produces x dot (t)   

How do I suppress the t in the output display?  The help page shows an Unsuppress all so I thought a Typsetting:-Suppress(all) would do it, but it throws an error message. 

Typesetting:-Suppress(x(t)) would do it but I'd prefer the option all.

I have a set of points. I want to make a linear spline of that points and plot the resulting function:


However I need the function to define constant y endpoint values where x is out of points_x range (i.e. first-derivation is zero where x is out of points_x range). Endpoint options does not work for me.

             constant1   x < xmin
function :=  ..
             constant2   otherwise

How can I define spline function like this?

Having difficulties solving pde. Below is the problem and its not plotting. Anyone with useful informations. Please

with(PDEtools, casesplit, declare);
with(DEtools, gensys);

PDE := diff(theta(x, t), x, x)+beta*theta(x, t)*(diff(theta(x, t), x, x))+beta*((diff(theta(x, t), x))^2)-M^2*theta(x, t)-S[h]*(theta(x, t)^2)+M^2*G*(1+E*theta(x, t))-P[e]*(diff(theta(x, t), x)) = diff(theta(x, t), t);
/ d  / d             \\
|--- |--- theta(x, t)||
\ dx \ dx            //

                      / d  / d             \\
   + beta theta(x, t) |--- |--- theta(x, t)||
                      \ dx \ dx            //

          / d             \     2                               2
   + beta |--- theta(x, t)|  - M  theta(x, t) - S[h] theta(x, t) 
          \ dx            /                                      

      2                              / d             \    d  
   + M  G (1 + E theta(x, t)) - P[e] |--- theta(x, t)| = --- 
                                     \ dx            /    dt 

  theta(x, t)
BC := theta(x, 0) = 0, Dt(theta(0, t)) = 0, theta(1, t) = 1;
     theta(x, 0) = 0, Dt(theta(0, t)) = 0, theta(1, t) = 1
Codes := [beta = .1, M = .1, S[h] = .1, G = .1, P[e] = .1, E = .1];
S1 := pdsolve({BC, subs(Codes, PDE)});
PDEplot(S1, [[t, theta(x, t)], [x, theta(x, t)]], t = 0 .. 1, x = 0 .. 1, iterations = 2, numchar = [10, 10], stepsize = 0.5e-1, numsteps = [-5, 5]);
   PDEplot([[t, theta(x, t)], [x, theta(x, t)]], t = 0 .. 1, 

     x = 0 .. 1, iterations = 2, numchar = [10, 10], 

     stepsize = 0.05, numsteps = [-5, 5])


hello...i have a problem with this program.

I want to save the result(y,u(y)) in a text or another format file, but I encounter with this error message:

Error, (in fprintf) number expected for floating point


A1:= 5.5:  n:= 0.59:  A2:= 11818.:  h0:= 0.402e-3:
L:= .1:  dpx := -11823.9:  uc:= 0.44e-2:

ODE:= (A3,y)->

proc (A3, y) options operator, arrow; (h0^(n+1)*L*(A1*exp(sqrt(n)*y/L)-A2*exp(-sqrt(n)*y/L))/sqrt(n)+dpx*y*h0^(n+1)+A3*h0^n)^(1/n) end proc


ODEINT:= proc(A3)
option remember;
local y;
   evalf(Int(ODE(A3,y), y= 0..1, epsilon= 1e-7)) - uc
end proc:

ReINT:= proc(A3x, A3y)
   Digits:= 15:
   Re(ODEINT(A3x + I*A3y))
end proc:

ImINT:= subs(Re= Im, eval(ReINT)):

Digits:= 7:
a3:= fsolve([ReINT, ImINT]);

[6.3610757968979, 0.]


A3:= Complex(a3[]);



Solve as IVP:

Digits:= 15:
sol:= dsolve({diff(u(y),y) = ODE(A3,y), u(0)=0}, numeric, range=0..1,  output=listprocedure):



   sol, [[y, Re(u(y))], [y, Im(u(y))]], y= 0..1,
   legend= [real, imag], labels= [y, u(y)]



F53 := proc (y) options operator, arrow; U end proc; G53 := proc (y) options operator, arrow; Re(evalf[20](F53(y))) end proc; Temp3 := cat("u(y)-y.dat"); fd53 := fopen(Temp3, WRITE, TEXT); for i from 0 by 0.5e-1 to 1 do tt := i; u := eval(G53(y), y = tt); fprintf(fd53, "%10.5e %10.5e  \n", tt, u) end do; fclose(fd53)

Error, (in fprintf) number expected for floating point format






please help me


According to the help page:
sets the number of decimal places to be displayed to n.
But this is true only if interface(typesetting=extended).
For interface(typesetting=standard),  n represents the number of decimal places after the decimal point.
Is there any reason for this decision?

interface(typesetting=standard): x;

interface(typesetting=extended): x;



I'm trying to calculate forces between particles. I defined all my variables and the equation for force, but when I plug it all in, it gives me 0 when I know for a fact it's not 0. I should be getting something like f12=-0.4, f13=-0.24, and f23=-0.5.


Basically I defined variables like x1,y1, m1 , etc. and made my force equation fij with all variables having appropriate i and j subscripts.

Used PolyhedralSets for plotting.
At the moment there are a number of questions in the construction of graphs:
How to adjust the rotation of this figure around the z axis?
How to make, what color of a figure received in a cut would be much darker or Darker color?

P1 := PolyhedralSet({-x-20 <= 0, -x-20 <= 20-y, -x-20 <= -(1/2)*y, -x-20 <= -z, -x-20 <= -(x+y)*(1/2), -x-20 <= -(y+z)*(1/2)});
Plot(P1, axe
s = normal, view = [-40 .. 40, -40 .. 40, -40 .. 40], orientation = [30, -30, -60], color = blue, thickness = 2);
Plot(P1, axes = normal, view = [-40 .. 40, -40 .. 40, -40 .. -40], orientation = [0, 0, 0], color = blue, thickness = 2)

I'm trying to obtain integral of Planck radiation law in Maple:

with this command:

f := (2*h*(c)^(2))/((x)^(5))*(1)/(exp((h*c)/(x*k*T))-1);

but I get some terrible limit that cannot be solved instead of the correct result:

How to obtain correct integral?

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