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  • This update fixes the problems inadvertently introduced in Maple 2019.2, namely:

    • Maple failed to run the code in the maple.ini/.mapleinit initialization files when loading existing worksheets containing a restart() command
    • Installing some packages from the MapleCloud was unsuccessful

    For anyone who installed the 2019.2 update, installing 2019.2.1 will fix these problems.

    If you are at Maple 2019.1 or earlier, installing this update will bring you straight to Maple 2019.2.1.

    This update is available through Tools>Check for Updates in Maple, and is also available from our website on the Maple 2019.2.1 download page.

    If you are a MapleSim user, please note that these problems do not affect your use of MapleSim. If you use Maple on its own, and if you use Maple command initialization files and/or you need to install a package from the MapleCloud that does not work, please contact Maplesoft Technical Support for assistance.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we worked through this issue.

    There was a discussion regarding Maple and two light sources a couple of days ago (unfortunately the content of that conversation has been removed by the original poster so if any of you thought you were getting early signs of alzheimers, rest assured the questions/posts were indeed there and you can all put your memories at ease for a little).

    I did indeed go back into Maple to see how far it was that we lost the two light source capability.  I can tell you that as far back as Maple 10.06 dual (or more) light sources was not working.  So I worked my way up - of course the OP of the deleted questions mentioned Maple Vr4 (I think), so I started there.  Maple 6 and Maple 7 is ok.  I was unable to check Maple 8 and 9 as my computers with that software are currently missing (probably buried in my shed somewhere - as long as the wife hasn't got rid of them.. anyways)

    So I'll share with you what once was.  From Maple 7, and an animated gif (which hopefully works) to illustrate two light sources (one brown li