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Back in 2000 I published A034948A036663, and A036664 in Sloane's Integer Sequences, now OEIS.

But today I decided to find the exact values of some such quotients.



I have a previous post on this, but the discussion completely missed the situation I was presenting.

The big problem is: The (vertical) writing cursor often does not move on the visible worksheet when a new location is clicked with the mouse or the arrow keys are used, and moving with the arrow keys often leaves a trail of writing cursors along the line between exisiting symbols. Luckily, Maple internally seems to know the correct (intended) location of the...

When I run "sum(a[1/k],k=1..n);", I get "Error, (in IntegerSub) too many levels of recursion". But it's OK to run "product(a[1/k],k=1..n);". Furthermore "Error, (in IntegerSub) too many levels of recursion" cannot be caught.


Today maple is being used as a helpful tool, but teachers should learn mathematics in depth, and in this way use the primitive concepts of mathematics. This very well use the algorithms that reduce the lines of code in the resolution of a problem, but it is very necessary to use command to demonstrate theorems, since inico to completion, and then be tested with new commands that meet on a line of estio the problem code. What do you think about the development of mathematical procedure, using native commands?

The list of the GUI problems is long, so I'll just summarize some of them.

In text groups, when the writing cursor is moved, the cursor is often not visible at the new position (where it actuall knows it is at), but often remains visible in a trail of places where it previously was.

In Help, the first letter of the search word is usually missing so that it is necessary to start with a space. Also in Help, both the scroll bar and the actual search...

My system: Windows 8 x64, Maple 17.01 x64.

After launching Maple we have a process maple.exe (C:\Program Files\Maple 17\jre\bin\maple.exe) that consumes approximately 80MB.

We run the following piece of code:

>for i to 1000 do
>end do;

After running for the first time of this code the process maple.exe consumes 100.5MB
After second running of this code the process maple.exe consumes 111.6MB
third running --- 122.4MB

I am pretty new to programming in Maple and trying to learn the language. One thing I needed was how to handle lists in a specific way. I have used many hours on this issue now and even asked questions in the Questions section. Other users helped me with clever tricks and I am grateful for that. What is left is however a feeling that one need to know a lot of rather Ad Hoc commands to accomplish your tasks. I looked for operations in the ListTools package, going through all...

Let d be the Feigenbaum delta constant 4.66920160910299067185320382046620161..., a be the Feigenbaum alpha constant 2.50290787509589282228390287321821578... and m be the MRB constant 0.18785964246206712024851793405427323....

d*m - 2 (600 a - 2537)/(5 a - 2373) = 9.232940534412995...*10^-19

or you could write

1/10*(d*m + 564446/(2373 - 5 a)) - 24 = 9.232940534412995...*10^-20

We conduct regular reviews of our platform support to ensure that we are focusing on the platforms that are most valued by our customers. Based on our most recent review, we will offer the next release of Maple on the platforms listed below. As additional versions of operating systems on these platforms are announced, we will take those into account as well.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Ubuntu 13.10 (Planned)

OS X 10.7
OS X 10.8

Mac OS X 10.6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 update 5
Ubuntu 12.10
Oracle Solaris 10 (the next release of Maple will not be available on Solaris)

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this topic, or contact us directly at: maplepm (at)

I'm fairly sure I discovered a bug with the Maple 17 Calculus Integration tutor.

I was working on int((x^2+2*x)*cos(x), x);.

The first step that the tutor wants you to do is to rewrite the integral by factoring out an x from the first term, and changing cos(x) to -sin(x).

The next step is to rewrite it again, this time changing sin to cos, making the intergal  -x(x+2)cos(x)

Next, the tutor distributes the X again, making the integral -(x^2+2*x...

The latest Maple 17 bashing from Mathematica appears on their comparison webpage.

The first thing that paid my attention in their "comparison" was their comparison of the Mobius project to the Mathematica demonstrations project.  To my knowledge the Mobius project is an extension to application center which I thought was the same as Mathematica demonstration project anyways ???

Anyways anyone have thoughts on this recent comparison?

I've been playing around with power towers and thought my latest might be interesting enough to post.

I used Wolfram Alpha on the big numbers (n=5..50). Some corrected.

What do you think about spliting of single worksheet where code and results are placed into two separate worksheets where code and results of computation are placed separately?

Thank you.

At some point a version of the Maple Player (for the PC, rather than iPad) became available for download from its webpage.

Try to run the following:

>d := conjugate(u)*conjugate(y)+conjugate(v)*conjugate(x);
>z := conjugate(f)/d+conjugate(G)*w*conjugate(w)*conjugate(y)/d;
>z2 := simplify(z);

and you will get correct answer

                         _        _   _ _

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