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Hello every one,

I am using similarity transformation to transform a PDE into an ODE.

I got the ode but its in a very ambiguous (unclear) form.

I need help to have the ode in a more friendly reading format.



I am trying to analyse a nonlinear ode. To see the behaviour,

I am using implicit plot (suggested by @Preben Alsholm).

The problem is that every time I need to search for the value of N

(=infinity) to have some sort of graph (needed for analysis).

The other thing is, if we have an output of the implicitplot, How we can be sure

that it is the correct one?

> G := proc (N)

local s, n;

s := 0.;

n := 0;

while n < N do

n := n+1;

s := s+1/n

end do;

[s, n] end proc;

    Comput  G(1.0),G(2.0), .....G(7.0)   try to figure out what
    the procdure G is doing

for n from 0 to N do
if r[n]then i:=2 elif r[n...

Does any one has any idea about "Ndynamics" package?

Whenever, I try to call it, maple gives this error



"Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {`module`, package},

but received Ndynamics"

Is this an old package and replaced by a new one?


I find I have a number of strange and unrelated errors.  I am new to Maple, but have been using Mathcad so am somewhat familiar with these systems. 

One of the problems I have has to do with confusion between literal and standard subscripts.  I find it difficult to get Maple to recognize literal subscripts using any of the recommended methods.  When I do get it to work, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, when I paste pieces of...

Consider the differential equation 
--- y(x) = 2 y(x) (y(x) - 4)
on the rectangle -1 < x < 1, -2 < y < 7.40 in the xy-plane.

(a) Use DEplot to plot the direction field for the differential equation on the given domain. Assign your answer to my_plot_1.
Write a function to compute the n-th partial sum of the alternating series

Specifically, the procedure takes n as input, and returns the sum of the first n terms. 
Can someone help me with this? I'm not very good at using procedures.



I have a problem when I call the Eigenvectors i get:


i get the answer i want but every time i execute the worksheet my eigenvalues swich places aswell as the eigenvector.

Someone that can help me how i can sort or something like that to freeze the eigenvector output? so i can use some of the output to caluculate furhtere on and when i execute the worksheet i know that me eigenvectors and eigenvalues...

 Write a function to compute the n-th partial sum of the alternating series

"1-1/(4)+1/(9)-1/(16)+...+(-1)^(n-1) * 1/(n^(2))"
Specifically, the procedure takes n as input, and returns the sum of the first n terms.
So I am kind of lost- I've tried 5 different procs but keep getting more confused. Here is current one:
prob := proc (N) 
local a, u, n, q; 
 G := proc (N)
 local s, n;
 s := 0.;
 n := 0;
 while n < N do 
n := n+1;
 s := s+1/n
 end do;
 [s, n] 
end proc;
             G := proc (N) local s, n; s := 0.; n := 0; while n < N do n := n+1; s := s+1/n end do; [s, n] end proc
Compute G(1.0),G(2.0), .....G(7.0) try to figure out what the procedure G is doing
> G(1.0);

Hi, there, maple built-in help just has an example of Brusselator model in 1D case. But how can I intepreter the diffusion terms that Brusselator has in 2D case? Could you please give me an example of the code to run Brusselator simulation in 2D case?

Brusselator model:


Thank you


i got error while running the code. 

restart; de := diff(f(y), y, y, y, y)+2*W*(diff(f(y), y, y, y))^2+3*(diff(f(y), y, y, y, y))*(diff(f(y), y, y))-(M*M)*(diff(f(y), y, y))+G*(diff(theta(y), y, y))+B*(diff(phi(y), y, y)) = 0, diff(theta(y), y, y)+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y))*(diff(phi(y), y))+Nt*(diff(theta(y), y))^2 = 0, diff(phi(y), y, y)+Nb*(diff(theta(y), y, y))/Nt = 0, f(h1) = (1/2)*F, f(h2) = -(1/2)*F, (D(f))(h1) = -1, theta(h2) = 1, phi(h2) = 1, (D(f)...


I'm really new in Maple so the problem I have may look somewhat trivial. I have to solve a system of equations for two variables (V and alpha). All the expressions shall be reduced at the end in three (Assuming that 2 of them will be dependent). The code I've written is:

> Vax := proc (V, alpha) options operator, arrow; V*cos*alpha-w*cos*(phiW-phi) end proc;
> Vay := proc (V, alpha) options operator, arrow; V*sin*alpha-w*sin*(phiW-phi) end proc;

At our site, we deploy Maple using Microsoft APP-V. It is working fine on other PCs but a strange problem is occurring on the podium PC of a lecture theatre, in which Maple 16 launches works and works fine until an open bracket is typed, i.e. (

It then hangs and no further input can be typed in, or any other action done. The only thing it allows is to do File > Exit.

The Classic Worksheet of Maple 16 doesn't give this problem.

I would appreciate your comments on this.

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