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I am wondering if there are examples of agent-based models in economics domain that have been implemented in Maple.

Any infomration/source is more than welcome!


Thanks in advance

I actually want to numerically solve Karhunen-Loeve Decomposition, which is reduced to homogenous Fredholm integral equation second kind when the kernel is the function of correlation of variables, by using any procedures (Galerkin is better if it is availabe). FYI, with "intsolve" I just got f(x)=0. 

I am a newbie in Maple! I tried both ThermophysicalData and its CoolProp package to find saturation pressure of vapor for given air-water mixture temperature.

I want to calculate water vapor density in air or simply Absolute humidity (kg/m3)

But i can not see any meaningful function or combination of functions/properties in CoolProp to give such output.

P_w in CoolProp, HApropSI takes this as input only that is not usefule either way inpoutput

The rationale is to work from RH and then calculate P_w as output: P_w=RH x P_g where P_g is vapor saturation pressure at the given ambient condition.

From there all world is yours!

You can use ideal gas rules to do everything. But i cant use CoolProp to calculate the ABsolute humidty for given RH and ambient condition.


Note that clearly i can calculate all these from hand calculation as well as approximation formuale of Clausius-Clapeyron equation. But i wanted to do in Maple with its packages.


Any help is appreciated!?







I have the following fractional  system of differential equation. How to plot it for alpha=0.5, beta=0.5?





Whenever I open Maple 2020 and type one single letter or number (doesn't matter) Maple 2020 will "freeze" and load forever (i have had it open for a long time, just watching that f**king blue circle spin...

I have tried reinstalling, repairing, running as admin, and changing the compatibility mode, still, nothing works:(


I run Maple 2020 as a Student with WithGym

Pc specs:

Intel i5-10300h 2.6 ghz

Geforce 1660 ti 6gb

Windows 10 x64

Is it possible in one worksheet of a workbooks to access variables or embedded components in another worksheet programmatically?

As far as I can see it is possible to save and restore variables through the variable browser, so it is also possible to get them from one worksheet to another. This is however done by the user.

Now the question is, if it is somehow possible to e.g. access the contents of a embedded component like a Combobox in a different worksheet of the workbook - without opening the worksheet first?

[[1,1,["ab","xy"]], [0,1,["xy"]]]

how to sort by first number , second number , and list of string ?

how to count and group by third list of strings having first two number 0,0 or 0,1 or 1,0 or 1,1 

for example 

["xy"] at most count 4  , at least count 1

would like to find which is [1,1,... ] and only count 1


Let's say you make a tabulate of plots (using tabulate, because you don't want equal space for your plots as in array-plot etc). Then how should one save or export the final result as one eps or pdf file? When I right click and choose export, it only save one cell of the tabulate alone.



Does it exist a command in the LieAlgebras package to find the list of normal subalgbras of a given finite dimensional Lie algebra?





I used the command "Decompose" for the following trivial 2 dimensional abelian Lie algebra:

This command returns an error:



Error, (in print/_DG) final value in for loop must be numeric or character



Why this issue?





I have the first and second fundamental forms of a surface. The Bonnet theorem tells me that this is enough to determine a surface in Euclidean space. Has this theorem been implemented in Maple?

1. Write a procedure that enables to compute the volume of a cone. Remember that a cone volume can be calculated using the following equation:

𝑉𝑜𝑙𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑒 =1/3𝜋𝑟2ℎ
with r and h generated randomly, both in the range from -100 to 100.

If Maple returns negative figures for r and h, ask it to replace these values with their absolute values.

If Maple returns 0 for r and h, Maple asks directly the user to input desired values.

2) With reference to point 2, you have the following matrix:

−65 1 32
1 −12 3

12 −2 2
Write a procedure that chooses randomly two numbers from the above matrix and assigns them to r and h. Then, it compares the two cone volumes and returns the largest value.

I was plotting some 3d stuff and wanted to animate it. I used orientation in the plot3d to get the orientation I wanted. When trying to animate them the orientation is ignored.

Specifically though I'm suing Pk = plot3d(...);
then animate(display, [P1, ..., Pn]);

(more or less, my real code is more complex but that is the idea).

Where can I tell animate to use a specific orientation? I tried adding it to the options of display but it didn't work either. Seems animate and display completely ignore orientation.




I am trying to solve a differential equation numerically. But I am facing some difficulties. It is saying that ODE system has a removable singularity at r = 0. How can I remove the singularity?  Please check the attached figure and try to help.

Version: Maple 2020.1

When i set the color for the gridlines it only seems to be applied for the major-tick gridlines as the following trivial example shows:

plot(sin(t), t = 0 .. Pi, axes = frame, background = "#303030", color = "Orange", axis = [gridlines = [color = "#707070", linestyle = dot]])

I assume it must also be possible to also specify the color for the minor tick-marks gridlines?

The obvious (?) variant "axis=[gridlines = [color = ["#707070", "#707070"] , ... " just seems to crash maple (nothing happens when the plot() expression is evaluated).

I'm unable to find anything in the documentation regarding this and it only seems to imply that the color should be applied to both major & minor gridlines which is not the case.






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