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Hello, I am trying to fix the problem reported below.

I am using the 64 bit version of Maple 2020.1. I am experiencing similar problems with other java applications. So I believe it must be something related to Java.

Moreover, it looks like the local refreshing problem is following the cursor of the mouse, therefore it must be something related to the interaction of the mouse with the GUI.

I am using a I7 CPU, 32 GB of Ram and a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070.

Is anyone experiencing something like this? How can I fix this?

Caution, certain kinds of earlier input can affect the results from using the 2D Input syntax for operator assignment.


`Maple 2020.1, X86 64 LINUX, Jun 8 2020, Build ID 1474533`


f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; sqrt(x) end proc

The following now produces a remember-table assignment,
instead of assigning a procedure to name f, even though by default
is set to true.





f(1.4), 1.4^2*sin(1.4)

1.183215957, 1.931481471



With the previous line of code commented-out the following
line assigns a procedure to name f, as expected.

If you uncomment the previous line, and re-execute the whole
worksheet using !!! from the menubar, then the following will
do a remember-table assignment instead.


proc (x) options operator, arrow, function_assign; x^2*sin(x) end proc



f(1.4), 1.4^2*sin(1.4)

1.931481471, 1.931481471




I have a small problem initializing my random variables. When I run the sheet with the!!! button, the values do not change. Do you have any ideas?


Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new with Maple, but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

For a university project I need to be able to create a form where a user can input a matrix manually.
Also, I need to have something like a ComboBox where I can input how many rows that matrix will need. (1-20 or so)

I have solved the latter part by adding a "When Use"-Code that sets my Array/Matrix of the DataTable to be a Zero Matrix with the correct dimensions in accordance with the value chosen in the ComboBox.
(This is for a composite calculation, the ComboBox gives the number of plies, the matrix defines the ply orientation)

I then expected that the ZeroMatrix would serve as the baseline and the user can then manually edit the Matrix to be the correct values manually, but this gives me the error message that the DataTable cannot be edited.
I suspect the ZeroMatrix is now the "Master", because I defined it via Code.

Working with "visibleRows" did not help, because it does not change the matrix size only the size of DataTable and the user can still scroll down.

What I need is that I have a fully editable DataTable with exactly the number of rows that I specified using the ComboBox.

Does anyone of you perhaps have an idea what I could do to achieve this?
Any help would be fantastic! :)

Best Regards,

I have been stuggling with this for a few hours. I have my function 4x^2+9y^2. I have my point (2,1,25). I found my gradient to be 16i+18j. I want to plot the level curve that contains the point (2,1,25) and the gradient together. 

I know how to graph multiple level curves but not one.

Thank you in advanced!

How to pdsolve(diff( f(a,b), a+b) = diff( f(a,b),a))?

My personal edition of Maple 2020 throws java-lang-thread for every plot3d. No further output is provided by Maple. How can I further troubleshoot this?


I am trying to use the command FileTools[Text][ReadFile] to import the contents of a text file as a string in maple, but I want to be able to identify when line breaks occur, instead of the white space that I get.

Is this possible?

Why do I get an error when using this:/// during readin of a xml attachment in Maple workbook?

Exceltools Import works without problems.


This post concerns the simulation of a physical system whose behavior is governed by ODEs.
It is likely that some people will think that all which follows is nothing but embellishments  or a waste of time.
And in some sense they will be right.
I was thinking the same until I received some sharp remarks at the occasion of a few presentations of my works. 
So experience has proven me that doing a presentation in front of project managers with only 2D curves often leads to smiles, not to speak about those who raise their eyes to heaven in front of the poverty of the slides. 
Tired of this attitude, I decided to replace these 2D curves with a short film, which of course does not reveal more than what these 2D curves were already revealing, but which is pretty enough for the financing keeps going on.

For those of you who might regret this situation, just consider this work as a demonstration of the capabilities of Maple in 3D rendering.

PS: all the display outputs have been removed to avoid loading an unnecessary huge file.
      The two last commands must be uncommented to play the animation.




Is there any programming or package to solve my problem. I am poor in programming. 

Thanks sincerely!



I am trying to solve some coupled equations. however, I keep getting the error ' invalid subscript selector.

Does anybody have any solution for this?

here is the file : -


Thanks !



I am so sorry for all of the questions. I am getting extremely frustrated with Maple. 

I want to plot a 3D rendering of 4x^2+9y^2 but I want the full paraboloid to show. However, all I keep getting is cut off versions.


In some coordinate systems availiable in the plot command, there are constants specified symbollically, for example,for logarithmic, the constant "a" is specified (see ?coords help page) is there a simple way to retreve the numerical value for these transformation parameters, or does it need to be obtained by appropriate manipulation of the data set?

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