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Anyone with the idea of seq such help please. I am tryong to collect all the series into one case but its only calling the last one.

The link is attached below. Thank you in advance



As title says, when I enter equation in math mode and switch to text mode and hit "enter" to go to the next line then it gets executed, usually in former versions it didnt execute and was much faster for me to use the program this way.

How do I fix this? I don't want to use shift-F5 all the time to make the text unexecutable, I would like it to be like in the old version prior to 2019.

Now it does this which is really annoying, I dont want it to execute when changing line!

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Hi guys

I want to solve the following differential equation but I can not. please help me in this way

diff(phi((8*R^(3/2)-W)*sqrt(2)/(24*sqrt(M))), W$2)=lambda*phi((8*R^(3/2)-W)*sqrt(2)/(24*sqrt(M)))


with the best regard

How would I make a subset in a set.


For example,

What if I had the sample space {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}.

A = {1,2,3,4}



How would I be able to ask C complementary and it would give me the elements that don't belong to C.


Thank you!



How to calculate the derivative of modified Bessel fucntion of the first kind and order \alpha, such that \alpha>-1/2?

I need to calculate de general term of the derivative of modified Bessel function of the first kind and order \alpha.


Best regards 

I don't understand why Maple does not like my code:



dsol := dsolve({diff(y(t),t) = -y(t), y(0)=1}, numeric):

frame := proc(s)
  odeplot(dsol, [t,y(t)], t=0..s);
end proc:

animate(frame, [t], t=0..3);

Error, (in plots/animate) invalid range

I know how to get around it (as shown in the attached worksheet) but I am curious to know why the above approach does not work.

Download worksheet:


i literally cant figure out how to pay money for this

Worm greeting to all

I use the following to plot two orthogonal vectors display(arrow(1,0), arrow(0,1)) as


  Now, I need to shift these two orthogonal vectors to another point.


Does anyone know how the command PLOT(POLYGONS(...)) fills  polygons?
I'm interested in polygons that are not simple, that is polygons for which 2 different sides without common vertex do not intersect.

Thanks in advance


Is it possible to change programmatically the permissions of a file without using ssystem?
Such as in ssystem("chmod +x MyFile") for instance


I'm using dsolve command to solve a differential equation. Using infolevel to 3 will tell me the classification of said DE. However, how can I see the step by step solution? I'm using Maple as a study tool so I do solve manually a DE then I'd like to compare my answer with Maple's. How can I acomplish this? Thanks in advance. 

How do I write plot ceil(x) mod 2 properly?

If I write: 

plot(ceil(x) mod 2, x = 0 .. 4)

it produces a step pattern and not a square wave. (Only 0 and 1 should be plotted.) 

Can i use the file tools package to change the file extension of a file or open up a powershell terminal to do so from within the maple interface via command line?

I need to solve a system of differential equations, which have been obtained from the method of multiple scales. However, for some reason Maple returns an error and will not give a solution. Could someone help me find a solution? The associated filed is attached.

So, basically i plan to define procedures based on if conditions that will assume arbitarily large float approximations as being infinity, as with the example i have uploaded, but i feel that i need some people from here that are smarter than me to tell me why this is going to be terrible or what i need to consider. 

I am willing to consider my current view naive and or inept, however i feel as if computer algebra systems will eventually develop means of reducing the need for floating point results by making concise implicit steps of manipulation on floating point computations, naturally i feel as if these routines are evidence that maybe some of the maple programmers have such an objective, but i do tend to misinterpret everything all the time.



convert(evalf[100](1/RootOf(floor(_Z))), 'rational', 'exact')






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