MaplePrimes Questions

How can a horizontal axis be curved in a plot? like this

plot(F*r*sin(theta) - m, theta = 0 .. Pi)

When I am setting up the coordinates in the physics package, I use the following command. And it sets it to (r,theta,phi,t).

Setup(dimension = 4, mathematicalnotation = true, coordinates = spherical)

Is there a way to change it to (t,r,theta,phi)?

It gets a bit more confusing when we are looking at rank 2 objects.

Hi, I am working on an activity about conic sections, but I have a small issue with the display of the ellipse and the circle. My outlines are not complete. Any ideas on how to identify my error? Thanks

Hi to every one. I have attached a maple for eigenvalues. Please see and tell be solution of problem.

Thanks for time.

Hi, here is my question.


plot3d(test,u=0..1-v, v=0..1);

How can I  transform this plot in the right triangle into an equilateral triangle? 

So that the three edges of the plot are the same length.

I wanna, squish it, or shear?

any tools i can use? Or can I do it using some tricks to change the function?