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I've made some animations in maple that I could like to show in a power point presentation. Does anyone know how this is done most easily?
I am just getting started in Maple TA and want to know if I add the following to my TA plots: 1) Include gridlines; 2) Include both the graph of a function and key points scatter-plotted on the graph. I haven't determined how to do this in Maple 11 much less in TA. In Maple 11 I've been able to plot points with "pointplot" and of course can plot functions but would like to display both on the same graph ultimately in TA so students can identify specific coordinates on the graph of a function; 3) Locate text on a plot in TA such as key coordinates of a function as can be done in Maple
Dear all, I am trying to write a little program (called "rcltnn") which calculates a recurrence. The problem: Maple does not return numbers but strings which arrise from the recurrence. Example: for n=4 I expect to get rcltnn(n=4)=95, but Maple gives 15+7*rcltnn(2)+6*rcltnn(3) Actually, that string is correct but not fully evaluated. We have rcltnn(2)=2 and rcltnn(3)=11 (further values are rcltnn(1)=1 and rcltnn(0)=0). Here my program (I have played with many versions of this program) rctlnn := proc (n::integer) global j, rctlnn; option remember; if n = 0 then rctlnn := 0 else rctlnn := combinat:-bell(n); for j from 2 to n-1 do rctlnn := rctlnn+combinat:-stirling2(n,j)*rcltnn(j) end do; end if end proc;
kernel shutsdown when memory usage reaches 1.8 GB i tried the following combinations: maple 10.06 on amd 3500 3GB XP maple 11.00 on amd 3500 3GB XP maple 11.00 on dual xeon 4GB XP maple 11.00 on quad xeon 8GB XP 64-bit in version 10.06 maple terminates with memory allocation error in version 11.00 the mserver process terminates without notification the problem consistently occurs at a memory usage of approx. 1.8 GB i am using GRTENSOR however the bug occurs in pure maple computations, specifically with the SIMPLIFY command any idea?
This code works fine in Maple. When transferred to TA, the $i on the index in the coef:= command line will not compile. TA thinks the $ is naming a constant. Any other ideas on how to double index within the solve(op commands? with(powseries); powcreate(Ys(n) = a[n]); tpsform(Ys, x, 5); dy:= powdiff(Ys); ddy:= powdiff(dy); c1 := powpoly($d1, x); c2 := powpoly($d2, x); tpsform(c1, x); tpsform(c2, x); slnp := powadd(multiply(ddy, c1), multiply(Ys, c2)); slnnp := tpsform(slnp, x, 6); coef:=solve({(op(2*i+1,slnnp),$i = 0 .. 3)}, {(a[i],$i= 1 .. 6)}); soln := subs(coef, tpsform(Ys, x, 6));
Why Maple 11 does not reply by true for the following snipped:

PIECEWISE([exp(m)-exp(-m), m <= 0],[0, 0 < m]) = min(0, exp(m)-exp(-m));

It handles the 3 cases 0<m, m=0, 0<m correctly. I find that strange.
I was trying to do something that I thought would be really simple - without success - then it occurred to me what was missing... a couple of quotes. There's other ways to do the same thing, but this is just the way I was trying to do it. sum all primes up to a certain count. ithprime returns prime up to cnt ( no quotes required ) no quotes required -- sum(ithprime(b), b = 1 .. 5)  #adds 2,3,5,7,11 sum all primes up to a certain number. quotes are required -- tprime := proc (s) if isprime(s) then s else 0 end if end proc sum('tprime(n)', n = 1 .. 12)  #adds 2,3,5,7,11
Hello everybody, I have a question please. I would like to resolve an optimization program. The objective functions are not linear and the constraints are the inequality functions. Can somebody tell me if we can resolve this type of programs with maple. Thanks a lot, Sarah
Do you have some suggestions on how to do this?

> restart;

> K := exp(-b*x+c*exp(x))*(log(x))^a-exp(-x);

> # for this identity, I want to get: {a=0, b=1, c=0} .

> solve(identity(K,x),{a,b,c}) assuming x>10;

I really seem to be having a lot of trouble with Maple that I don't have with Mathcad and I'm hoping you guys can show me what I"m doing wrong. the issue is that I'm trying to graph more than one curve on a grap which is very easy to do in Mathcad but not obviously so with Maple. My teacher told me to setup variables for each function and then use the display property to show the graphs and this works most of the time but then sometimes it does nothing at all but print the functions verbally. here is an example: restart; with(plots): g1 := implicitplot( 4-(x-2)^2): g2 := implicitplot( x/2 ):
The CDF function permits you to get a probability, given a random variable x. But how do I get the random variable x, given the probability? I have tried using the solver to do this: df := 29: chiSquare := RandomVariable(ChiSquare(df)): solve(CDF(chiSquare, x) = .95, x) But this code only returns the following warning: "Warning, solutions may have been lost" But even if the code did work, using a numerical solver for this kind of thing sucks. Surely Maple has a routine that does a revesre lookup? Can someone please give me some pointers on this? Jim Cicon
Hello, Does anybody know if there's any way to display a 2-D plot & a 3-D plot on the same axes? I tried using display and I got the message: Error, (in plots:-display) cannot display 2-D and 3-D plots together Regards, Drew
In the example below, I find integers that solve the equation. That solution happens to be nonnegative. But in general, just plugging in zeros may not give me a nonnegative solution. What is a good way to find a *nonnegative* integer solution, if one exists?

> aa := x^(-4)*exp(-2*x);

> pmu:=product(muval[j]^a[j],j=1..kmax);

Hello, This is related to my recent posts at I have a function of three variables one of which is inside a (difficult) integral. I want to calculate & store the array of points which satisfy the function, then use transform to change those points and then plot them. The function looks like this: P:=(x,m)->sqrt(x)/(sqrt((x+m)^2-1)*(x+m+sqrt((x+m)^2-1))); IntegralP:=(m)->Int(P(x,m),x=0..infinity); f4A:=(beta,Omega,m)->beta^2+(3*(beta*Omega)^(3/2)*evalf(IntegralP(m)))/(4*2^(3/4))-1; In my earlier case, m=1 (and there was another variable, but it wasn't under the integral) so the integral was not a problem. I tried the same method;
Hello, I hope someone can help me with this. 1) In Worksheet mode, if I type a:=b+c; and press Enter, Maple echoes a:=b+c 2) In Document mode, if I type a:=b+c; and press Enter, Maple echoes b+c I actually want Document mode to give me the same form of output as Worksheet mode (i.e. I want Document mode to give me a:=b+c as the output). Can this be done? Thank you for any assistance. Ty
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