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I'm just trying to draw a Petersen graph with one vertex removed, using Maple 10: with(networks): P:=petersen(): Q:=duplicate(P); delete(1,Q): draw(Q); I don't see anything wrong with these commands, and yet I get an error message: "Error, (in draw/concentric) not a list of vertices [1,2,3,4,5]" Yes, I know that - I've just deleted vertex 1. But surely I should still be able to draw the resulting graph? I know I can fiddle about with "Concentric", but I don't want to... And another thing: the inplace implementation of "delete" is, I think, contrary to reason. I would rather have:
Does anyone know how to draw a triangle in 3 space with three points? Also, I need to plot 3 vectors on the same graph. Thanks
Dear All, I'm working on a problem in differential equations where I need to compute the n-th power of a differential expression. Can Maple be taught to differentiate polynomial functions without carrying out the multiplications / simplifications that it usually does? For example: diff(-2*c/x^3,x); gives the answer 6*c/x^4. I want it to return: (-3)(-2)*c/x^4. Ideally, I also do not want it to simplify sums of such results. Thank you very much, I appreciate your help! Andrea Bruder
Okay, well...we're using maple for our math lab in our school and we tried to work on our project. We had this matrix: A := RTABLE(419945880,MATRIX([[a, a, a, a], [0, 0, 0, b], [0, c, 0, 0], [d, 0, 0, 0]]),Matrix) And when we tried to get the inverse, it would just lazily respond: Inverse(RTABLE(419945880,MATRIX([[a, a, a, a], [0, 0, 0, b], [0, c, 0, 0], [d, 0, 0, 0]]),Matrix)) And it's been working like that for other matrixes, I don't know if I need to configure maple in a different way or something...?
I am working on a project in Maple 10 that was originally designed for Maple 9.5. I am trying to define the weighting function wt. The problem is that the instructions say to type the following command line: wt := n -> if n=0 then 1 elif n=NInts then 1 else 2 end if; However, when I do, the following error message shows up with the phrase "n -> if" highlighted in a red box. "Error, invalid inline function wt := n ->if n=0 then 1 elif n=NInts then 1 else 2 end if;" Thank you for your help. Adam
I wish to factor the following: r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r = 0 I have entered it in Maple 10 as: factor(r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r); and I just get a repeat: response: r^4 +10*r^2 +9*r Am I doing something wrong or can not Maple factor this? I'm fairly new to Maple. Any help would be appreciated Larry Ciak aka
First Question: Let's say I have just created a plot using the Interactive Plot Builder. What If I just want to tweak the expression in the plot. Is there any way I can get the Interactive Plot Builder to open with all of the info related to a specific plot already inside the plot builder, so that I could just tweak the expression and everything else would remain the same? In other words, is there any way around having to start from scratch with the Interactive Plot Builder? A related question is this: Assume there is a plot, created with the IPB, in your worksheet. Is there any way to click on this plot and find out what Maple commands would have created the plot if the user had done it that way instead of using the IPB?
i am trying to get maple to expand this expression into one entire fraction: a(1/2*e+1/2*f)^3+b(1/2*e+1/2*f)^2+c(1/2*e+1/2*f)+d and then after i need to substitute the sum of certain terms into the new ae^3+be^2+ce+d = 0 also, is it possible to have the above expression entered in as an ordered pair, and then expanded and expressed in an ordered pair: ie expand this: ((e+f)/2,a(1/2*e+1/2*f)^3+b(1/2*e+1/2*f)^2+c(1/2*e+1/2*f)+d)
Hi,there: I have a question regarding the operation of matrix. I would like to calculate the summation of two covariance matrixes, Sigmaw and Sigmab and then I would like to calculate the determinant the summation. The symbolic summation matrix is a 6*6 matrix however, Maple can not run it, does that mean maple could not run the summation of 2 matrices? How can I fix it? I very appreciate your help. Gloria Sun
Hi there! I have a system of four non-linear equation that I can solve with fsolve after having provided the parameter values. I wrote a procedure which passes the parameters values, define all the equations and call for fsolve which provides the solution value for all the four unknowns. Now, I would like to plot each solution against the input parameters passed to the procedure. In other words, I want to make some comparative statics which shows as the solution changes as the parameters change. Of course, I'll make only two parameters varying simultaneously. I tried plot3d, but it doesn't work, because the procedure is not really a function I guess.
Hello, I just attempted to upload a .gif file of less than 10 kilobytes, and got an error message indicating that the file was too large to upload. Can I assume that this is a temporary problem that will be fixed ?
Hi, I have a 11x12 Matrix, that I would like to see all the elements of in "2D output" Is this possible? Rolf
I want to find inverses of polynomials in the ring Z/nZ with the convolution multiplication rule X^n - 1 = 0. That is I want to find inverses, do multiplication in the polynomial ring Z[X]/(X^r - 1) mod n. Can maple do this?
I am using the Maplet Builder. I created the first example in the Advanced examples. I forgot to set the 'pause' to 'value'='true'. I had to leave Maple. I came back later expecting that I could open the maplet in the Builder and continue, but the Builder responds 'discard current content? yes no'. If I say yes, I get a blank maplet pallet; if I say no I get nothing. So I opened the text of the maplet and added 'value'='true' and then ran the maplet. It ran fine. But when I tried to open the maplet in the Builder, it said that an exception had ocurred. What am I to do?
The attached file solves a system of equations in a couple of seconds in maple 9.5 But in classic worksheet maple 10.04 after many minutes it gobbles up gigabytes of memory and then ends with an error. The file belows shows the details but it has the form sys:={eq1,...eq22}: solution:=solve(sys,{var1,...var22}): Any comments very much appreciated. Download 2129_No Solve.mws
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