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Sorry to bother you all like this, but I am getting a bit frustrated here... I have been trying to set up a simple statistics question, or more precisely a regression question. Basically I want the students to compute the intercept (or the slope) in a dataset. The way I have tried to achieve this is so far along these lines: *Define pairs of variables: $x1=range(5,10);,...,$y1=range(5,10); *Use the Statistics package: $a=maple("with(Statistics):...)"); This is where I get stuck. How could I use the call to the Statistics package to get the intercept assigned to $a? Regards,
Is there a command for obtaining "ALL" n roots of the nth root of a real or complex number in accordance with DeMoivre's theorem? For example there are three cube roots of unity, namely 1,-1/2+sqrt(3)/2*i, and -1/2-sqrt(3)/2*i
Hello, suppose I have an expression that consists of a multiplication of subexpressions involving only one variable, for example a_m(z) = a(m) * f(z) How can I retrieve a(m) and f(z) resp. separately? That is, I would like to be able to identify only those subexpressions involving that one variable in which I am interested. For instance, how can I retrieve a(m) from a_m(z)? I have tried using select( depends, op(factor(a_m(z))), m ), but is this bullet proof and/or is there a better solution? Thanks in advance, Regards, Franky.
I am a fairly new Maple and Maple TA user, sitting with the preparations for next semester. One strange thing I have encountered is the Equation Editor behaviour. I have some questions with simple summations using Equation Editor to display the sigmas. In one question everything works fine, but in the next one, the input to Equations Editor is not recognized at all, even though it is the same kind of input. Right now I am sitting working on an old ibook running OSX 10.3.9 and Safari. Any explanations? Is it the OS? The web browser? Robert *********** Robert Lundqvist Dept of Mathematics
3902_problem.JPG when i am using CodeGeneration for Matlab in this file, the Maple gives out this error of "Kernel connection has been lost". But when I tried other cased of CodeGeneration for Matlab, sometimes it is working well.
Hello, I am doing some research with solar panels right now and I need to try and come up with equations for a multiple input single output system. What I am doing is taking numbers from a website and comparing to the actual numbers from solar panels I have set up in a field. But the head of the project is wanting to make some unique equations. I can easily do a single input single output by curve fitting or splining the information, but I have never tried a multiple input single output system. Is there a way to do this? Chris
I'm completely new to maple, and I'm trying to solve some equations that have no algebraic solution but should be straightforward to solve with numerical methods. I'd be most grateful if anyone could offer some advice on how to do this. For example, I'd like to solve the following two equations for p: 2^(1-p)+(1-x)^(1-p)/(1-p) and x^(2-p)-y^(2-p))/(x-y) = (a^(2-p)-b^(2-p))/(a-b) The attached worksheet contains my unsuccessful attempts. View on MapleNet
I'm making questions for new mathematical students, to know which is their level and then help them in his first year, but i have a problem; I want to know if they are able to simplify an operation, i.e. 4/6 i want them to write 4/6 with MapleTA i don't know how to do that, because a maple Graded question or a formula-enter question gives both valid, and i don't want to use string compare (because "2/3" is the same as "2 / 3" but it's not the same string..., if there is no other solution i can use maple to throw away the space character...") Anyway, there is somebody that knows a smart way to solve that problem?
I have a question which has three parametric equations as the answer. I then need to parse out variables from these equations and make sure the 3 equations satisfy 4 conditions. How do I have $response equal 3 different equations? My answer would be coming in as x=$a+$b*t, y=$c+$d*t, z=$f+$g*t. I would then use the variables a-g in my tests.
Hello I hope someone can help me with this. How do I draw a cylinder with a curved top? That is a cylinder whose height varies with radial angle The following doesn't work. plot3d(3,angle=0..2*Pi,height=0..cos(angle)+2, coords=cylindrical,axes=boxed); Thank you for any hints or tips Tyrian
I am reading Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula by Nahin. I'm trying to reproduce the graphs that Nahin shows on page 88 using Maple 11. Nahin is a Matlab man. Here is a Maple file that doesn't work: 4937_Page
I wanted to see if someone could point me to where I can learn about 2D plotting. I have been using Mathcad and switching over to Maple (or trying to) and some of the things that are very intuitive in Mathcad seem hidden here. Specifically I'd like to know how to set a graphs zoom or view area without having to literally sit and zoom. I'd like to know how to find quick keys for doing things like inserting a sqrt or infinity symbol and so forth. In Mathcad there are special keys for most all of the mathematical symbols allowing quick keyboard entry instead of having to go search down tool bars.
Hello everyone, First of all, sorry if this question has already been asked, but I am trying to convert an .mws file into a XHTML file (using gif images), using the command line. I'am actually building a website (documentation, FAQ, ...) for a website about a Maple package, and I would like to automate the whole process, so the MWS files would be converted in XHTML easily. Can anyone help me?? Thanks
Sooner or later, you'll like see the following "tip" in with the tips that load when you start Maple, but in case you've overlooked it you should really give this one a try. Just type in: ?examples/index
i have a long analytical expression, which i would like to strongly simplify. Unfortunately, i tried with simplify(%, size).... but this expr still remains long. I also tried with optimize(%,'tryhard') commands, which works pretty well, but i cannot control the assignments....t1,t2,..... How i can control the assigment procedure? Or probably i'm not considering some other commands which are able to reduce the size of a long expression!!! Cab you give references?? Tnx a lot. Paolo
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