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Hello everyone, I am trying to create a procedure to translate a matrix into a nested list. (in Maple 10) I actually want to transform the matrix A[i,j] whose indexes are in the interval i,j=1,2,... d^k in a list: L[n1,n2,...,n2k] whose indexes are in the intarval n1,n2,...n2k = 0,1,2...,d. For instance, a transformation of indexes could be: for i from 0 to d do for j from 0 to d do for k from 0 to d do for l from 0 to d do L[i, j, k, l] := DM*([1+(sum(d^(i-1)*n[i], i = 1 .. k)), 1+(sum(d^(i-1-k)*n[i], i = k .. 2*k))]) od: od: od: od: But I would actually like to indtroduce k and d as parameters of the procedure. My problem is then how to say:
#1 Typically, on plots, removable discontinuities are represented by a small cicle at the discontinuity. How can such an object (i.e. the circle) be generated, preferrably automatically, by Maple at these points. #2 Also, if, for example, the signum function is plotted (i.e. a step discontinuity at x=0). How is an open circle plotted at (0,-1) and a closed circle plotted at (0,1)? Thanks in advance.
Hello, In a Maple graded question (mode=Maple@) the type (formula, or maple synthax) allows us to choose one of two possible ways of parsing student answers. I would like to write questions where i can choose, or provide, a parser to parse student answers into Maple expressions. Given a Maple parsing procedure myParser(ans::string), i can set mode=Maple@ maple=evalb(myParser($RESPONSE));@ and then ask students to write their answers inside quotes, so that their answers get parsed as strings. Besides being ugly, i'm afraid this aproach will lead to many wrong answers of students who forget to quote their input.

I am trying to debug a small piece of code I've written.

I have a procedure for solving some quite complex equations. For single points in space.

I have a procedure that:

has some quantities passed to it,
brings in a 2 by 80
Does a for loop for each of the rows in the data, to take the first col value, and puts that along with the vars passed to it into the first procedure. It then works out the difference between the value given by the first procedure and the second col. Squares this and adds it to the total.

I'd like to use the NPLSolve minimize function to minimise this total squared sum of differences, by passing differnt values to the second function.
Hello, I have a problem with using JSP on MapleNet platform.

Suppose I have a HTML document with forms (the form calls itself for evaluation) and in that document an input text filed:

<input type="text" name="eq1">

At the beginning of the page I can assign a value in the text field to a maple variable:

<maple:assign param="eq1" variable="eqn1" default="sin(x)" />

but imagine that user fills the textfield with the text:


If I use something like this:


There will be 10 on the output. How can I get an unevaluated input ( sum(n,n=1..4))?
solve(y(x)+3, x) solve(y(x)+3, y) solve(int((x+3)*y(t), t = 0 .. 2) = x^2+1, y)
Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on ways to perform 3D trapezoidal interpolation in Maple. Using 40 experimental data points View on MapleNET or Download, my goal is to generate a figure like the one on the right here: That figure was generated manually by a colleague of mine (he drew in the triangles himself), but I'm wondering if Maple can do something like this. Thank you very much for your time!
Hi all I'm sorry for the immense stupidity of this question, but I've been reading Maple's help files for about an hour and I can't find the answer to this simple question. Maybe someone can enlighten me! What is the function that returns the length (by which I mean the number of elements) in a list? Thanks in advance Dave 8o)
When I plotted a graph the numbers on the axes were so cluttered that they're not readable. Can I set the scale so that the distance between the numbers is bigger?
Hey... i urgently need help from the experts out there. Could someone tell what's wrong with these equation? Maple only returns solutions may have been lost! Thank you. solve({(-(a*c)*b^(-1)*d111+a^2*b^(-1)*d112-c^2*b^(-1)*d121+a*c*b^(-1)*d122-c^2*b^(-1)*d211+c*a*b^(-1)*d212-c^3*(b*a)^(-1)*d221+c^2*b^(-1)*d222)(b*d211+b*c*a^(-1)*d221-(b*d121+c*b*a^(-1)*d221)),(-(a*c)*b^(-1)*d111+a^2*b^(-1)*d112-c^2*b^(-1)*d121+a*c*b^(-1)*d122-c^2*b^(-1)*d211+c*a*b^(-1)*d212-c^3*(b*a)^(-1)*d221+c^2*b^(-1)*d222)((-c)*d211+a*d212-c^2*a^(-1)*d221+c*d222-((-c)*d121+a*d122-c^2*a^(-1)*d221+c*d222)),((-c)*d211+a*
Hi; Is there any way to find int(x*exp(-I*x*theta)/sinh(1/2*Pi*x),x=-infinity..infinity); by maple, where theta is a real constant. cheers Sayed
Hello all, Up-Front: it is a homework problem I've been a longtime Mathcad user but have recently discovered the elegance and easy to use Maple. The problem I am having is setting up the following equation: velocity plus the distance equal to the square of time. With initial conditionsL y(0)= 6. I am able to plot, set up for solving etc.. but this one is killing me. I need to solve for the general solution.. hence this post. Any hints tips etc.. will be appreciated. TIA Larry aka
I want to plot a function, and set the x axis in powers of 10 like: 10, 10^2,10^3,10^4 etc... But maple sets it to 1,2,3... Can anyone help?
Dear Maple Primes! I'm trying to evaluate the function F = (2^x/x!)^(1/x) for large x (upto 25,000 say). Maple seems happy to do this using the eval command. However, when I try to plot F it seems to have trouble, and the plot disappears at about x=170 only to reappear at about x=1000! Is this problem related to the plot command, or to the evaluation of F? Is maple's evaluation of F for large x reliable? Thanks for the help Ben
I am solving a set of equations with 4 variables. The solve comes out as an unordered set each time and I cannot figure out how to sort them. Btw, I am using Maple V Release 4 (yes it is old. :-))

So here is the results of the solve

sols := {b1 = 84.92147612, b4 = 87.31363038, b2 = 101.6273403, b3 = 86.10094107}

What i need to get is either the solution ordered {b1,b2,b3,b4} or the indices of the variables in order. I have tried the following:

Isort:=proc(L) local a,i;
> a:=sort([$1..nops(L)],evalb((i,j)->L[i]<=L[j])); [seq(L[i],i=a)],a end:

as recommended from another post and i get the following error:
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