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Hello everybody, I'm trying to apply the command allvalues to the output of solve( x^2=cos(x^2), x ): RootOf(_Z^2-RootOf(_Z-cos(_Z)), label = _L4) but when I enter: allvalues(%) I get the following error message under Windows XP SP2: Error, (in @) too many levels of recursion Does anybody know what's going on? Many thanks in advance, Ruben
Hi Am trying to tidy up a printout of two columns in M version 7, such that the second column is lined up. Using the tab character \t in the printf statement does not seem to work - it just shifts a fixed number of spces, rather than go to a tab stop position. The following Maple code is very klutzy: however its redeeming feature is that it does work. Sample Maple code: #Create a long string of spaces (26 spaces between " ") aspac:=CharacterMap( "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", " ", cat(a,a) ); #NB a is the first 'word' - see output below #spac is a string of spaces to ensure alignment
Hello, I'm having a difficulty with MAPLE's dsolve which is best understood by looking at the uploaded file. If anyone has the time to help me on this I would sure appreciate it. View 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with on MapleNet or Download 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with
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What would be the simplest method using maple to calcualte the angles of incidence/reflection of straight lines from a common point striking the internal surface of a circle. If the centre of the circle lies on the y-axis and circumference touches x-axis forming a semi circle. Is it possible to represent graphically the setup and also have calculations giving accurate reflected rays from the surface of the curve, for the various points along the x-axis. Thanks

Hi, I am solving a question about derives. I now what's the value of dx/dt, x and y. I was asked to calculate the value of dy/dt. This is my Maple worksheet:
Hello everybody, I'm just trying to get familiar with Maple and I'm wondering if it would be possible to transform an expresion like: 3*x+3*y into 3*(x+y). Many thanks in advance, Ruben
Dear all, i want to do some pharmacokinetic calculations with the convolution intergral. E.g. the input rate into the linear system is Inpfunc:=t-> a*exp(-k*t)+b*exp(-m*t); the system impulse response is Transfunc:=t->c*exp(-u*t)+d*exp(-v*t)+e*exp(-w*t); When i compute the system response to the input rate function as Respf:=int(Transfunc(t-tau)*Inpfunc(tau),tau=0..t); I do obtain a huge mess of exponentials. With the 'collect' function i collected the preexponential terms but they were still huge (abt. 4 screens full). I have tried 'factor', 'symplify' and so on but all commands
Hi, By default it seems that using plot in the maple:statement tag in a jsp page creates jpegs. Is there a way, via plotsetup or otherwise, to create images in different formats? Thanks.
Hello all! How can I get Maple 10 to output it's numbers using engineering notation (milli, micro, Mega, Giga, etc) instead of indices? Thanks --Amr
Hello everybody, I was going through the manual and I'm having difficulties trying to replicate the example on Adding Custom Distributions (Section 4.6 under Probability Distributions and Random Variables). I cannot replicate the piecewise function using 2D Input. I can only type the first 2 conditions. I know it can be done in 1-D with the piecewise command but I'd like to use the other way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ruben
Hi Maplers: I'm probably spoiled, but maybe Maple can actually solve the following type of problem and I just haven't figured out how. Solve a recursion equation in two variables: f(m+1,n+1) = some expression involving combinations of f(m,n) etc. I am impressed with "rsolve" that magically finds solutions to f(m+1)=... i.e. a single variable. With great effort I have managed to figure out my 2-variable problem using generating function techniques, but perhaps Maple can do the whole thing in one great big single step. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I can't find anything in the Help.
Hello, I'm trying to export a worksheet in LaTeX format. It gives me a .tex file which requires a package maplestd2e.sty (not maple2e.sty) which I don't have. I found a file called maple2e.sty at and it works up to a point. Firstly I had to change the output tex file to require package maple2e.sty and more importantly it has equations running off of the edge of the page. Please help, Regards, A. Carmichael
Hello, I'm finding, how to translate/customize Maplets from the Calculus1 (Maple 10.06) to different language (for students). Can anyone help me? Is any possibility to download source codes? Thank you very, very much!
I want to calculate a definite integral with a parameter S(assume S>0),which is as follows: The link can be found in the View 3216_how to calculate the difinite on MapleNet or Download 3216_how to calculate the difinite
View file details in maple 10 ,it always gives a trivial solution ,can it
Is there a way to use fdiff for functions, which allow only numerical input? It seems that fdiff is sending symbolics and that would not work in my case of interest (and I want to avoid to code such stuff, especially how to get the appropriate step size automatically ...). Related to Maple I only find this (general) source, but no according paper: M. Monagan, E. Cheb-Terrab A numerical differentiation routine for computing single, multiple and partial derivatives to arbitrary precision. This enables us to compute numerical values of derivatives of special functions for whic
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