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Hi everyone,

I am facing a very complicated system of nonlinear equation. This cannot be solve by using normal fsolve in Maple. Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot

comn := choose([u, v, mu, nu], 2):

def := seq(seq(seq(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn)), seq(seq(seq(Dagger(Physics[`.`](Dagger(Ket(aa, k)), Ket(bb, m)) = Physics[`.`](Ket(bb, m), Dagger(Ket(aa, k)))), `in`(aa, comn[i][1])), `in`(bb, comn[i][2])), i = 1 .. nops(comn));

d1 := Physics[`.`...

I  used the DEtools package recently.

When working in a differential algebra with _Envdiffopdomain=[Dt,t] maple still returns something like Dt t^2. I would like him instead to assume, that Dt= dt/t and rewrite it as 2t + t^2 Dt. How can I achieve this behavior?

Hi , I'm Alan GHafur , I'm student in master dagree in Statistic in Irbil / Iraq .I want learn how can slove non linear function in Maple.

thank you for hlep me.

In 2D input it is possible to represnet

diff(f,x) as d/dx f

Is it possible to do

diff(f,x,x) as d^2/(dx)^2 f somehow?

Can one perform animation using the data file.

I want to animate the graph betweeen two variables say x and y, which I have stored in a data file. Does maple support any such operation?

I wrote a loop which is too long but I need its continuity so I wrote all of them in one loop.
The problem is too much time is needed to run it,even maple cannot run it.
I do not know whether my software has a problem or the way I wrote the program is wrong.
I attached the file.


I have this problem. I would like to construct clothoid as a transition curve between two arcs. The length of this curve has to be 30 meters. The start azimuth is 0.3773 (rad) and the start radius is -355.835 m.

How could I do that simply in Maple?

Thank you





Like in the version 7 where that variable didn't exist.

There was a recent exchange I was a part of on Maple classic versus standard, etc. It disappeared from the list of "recent discussions" so I tried to track it by other means. A keyword search did not immediately return a helpful link, so I thought I would click on my profile and look for my recent comments from the lists there. But I could only find a list of "questions," "answers" and "posts". My contribution there was merely a "comment" and I can't seem to find any list about those...

would you please help me? 

I have a big problem in differentiating with maple!

here is my equation.

L := (alpha, beta, theta,alpha(t),beta(t),theta(t))
how can I find diff(L, alpha) ? 
L=(1/2)*I[a]*(diff(alpha(t), t))^2+(1/2)*I[b]*(diff(beta(t), t))^2+(1/2)*I[c]*(diff(theta(t), t))^2+(1/2)*m[3]*(b^2*(diff(beta(t), t))^2+(1/4)*C^2*(diff(theta(t), t))^2+b*c*(diff(beta(t), t...

Hi, friends

The physics package was provided a good tool to compute Commutator or anticommutator relations. Here, I met some problems.

Example 1:

      restart: with(Physics):Setup(mathematicanotaion=true):

      Setup (op={p[x],p[y]},p[z]):

      alg:=%commutator(p[z],p[x])=2p[x], %commutator(p[z],p[y])=-2p[y], %commutator(p[x],p[y])= p[z]


I am attempting to do a least squares regression with two variable (HK and S) generating my curve.  The equations are extremely tempermental and won't allow maple to solve them using normal methods, so I'm resorting to numerical methods to minimize the least squares.

I am attempting to create a dataset that I can search for the minimum of "k" and have it tell me what "i" and "j" values I used to get there.  The code below is the basic idea, the...

Hi there,

I am currently working on an ODE model with a diffusion term and I have to analyse it analytically (if possible) with Maple12.

With the dsolve function I have a solution but based on BesselJ and BesselY functions.

My questions are:

  • Do you know if it's possible to have a solution without these functions?
  • When I add the IBCs conditions, the system is inconsistent, do you understand why?


I am using maple x64 to read/ open some large TIF files.   The files are 57 Mb each and I want to open 16 of them.  Maple looses kernal connection twards the end of the calculations each time.  This is anoying. Is there a way to fix this?

If I take the result form y and defign it as y and delete x them maple will calculate 1 more function set.

document setup;

x=read-image (using the actual maple commant)

y=entropy (x...

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