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hye.. iam zarith.. i want to ask u whether there are solution to this differentiation of delta f over delta f. please

From format->autoexecute , I wanted to press "clear" but accidentally pressed "clear all" ... now all 200 of my autoexecuted functions (which were very carefully placed and is not easy to remember which ones they were!) have been removed and pressing edit->undo does NOTHING!

I'm so lucky that I save my maple worksheets every time I make big changes (so I have maybe 36 versions of this worksheet!) .... but should maple not be able to "undo" somehting THAT simple!


Hello, I've been trying for weeks to solve a system writen in its matrix form like: M*y(t)'' + C*y(t)' + K*y(t) = F(t) My system can have like 300 dof. If I generate all de equations and I use the dsolve/numeric command, it works but not all the time. I think that there is a problem with the Heaviside function that I have in some coefficients of my matrix. I've been reading in forums that it's better to have a first order system to solve complex problems. For that we can create a procedure as explained in the dsolve/numeric/IVP help.


My equation is  Y= m.Y^3 + n. B

y: (-1..1) and  B: (-60..60)   have this values.

How can I fit the m and n parameters by using maple7?

And also how can I plot  Y(B) ? Thanks.




I'm trying to export some plots to a .gif file which are then imported to a latex-beamer presentation. Since the presentation uses a non-white background, I want maple to produce gif plots with a transparent background. What I tried so far is plotsetup( gif, plotoptions="transparent=true" ) but no dice. As an alternative, setting a RGB valued BGcolor would be ok for now as well ... here I tried setting the PlotBGColor value of my maplerc but this had not the desired effect as well. Thanks in advance, Cheers Nils
Hi all, I have this same equation in another active thread also with boundary conditions. But now I have INITIAL CONDITIONS INSTEAD. I thought of just starting a fresh post. Here is my non-linear differential equation x := diff(y(r), r, r)+2*(diff(y(r), r))/r+ C*polylog(3/2, -exp(C2*(C3-y(r)))) = 0 with boundary values D(y)(0)=0 and y(0)=0. C, C1 and C2 are some numbers. The hint says to use procedure to solve polylog and then integrate the differential equation. I was wondering if I can get some advice on solving this equation.

Dear Sir
Can you please help me to minimize the following cost function with maple 10.I want that " t and T must be greater than zero(not equal to zero) , t < T  and C > 0." I tried a lot but I am not getting the values of t and T as mentioned above " ". Also why  the solution obtained by the 2 methods below is different  ? Which one of them is correct ?


Does anybody know whether there's a library with which I can efficiently compute Minkowski-Sums of Polytopes or Polyhedra?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I can get some advice on solving two integral equations given below for u and b. y(r) is parametrically dependent on 'u' and 'b'. l := -C1*(int((3*polylog(5/2, -exp(b*(u-y(r))))/b^(5/2)+y(r)*polylog(3/2, -exp(b*(u-y(r))))/b^(3/2))*r^2, r = 0 .. 10.))-C2=0; I2:=C3*(int(r^2*polylog(3/2, -exp(b*(u-i))), r = 0 .. 10.))/b^(3/2)-1=0; where C1,C2,C3 are numbers and y(r) is parametrically dependent on 'u' and 'b'.
Hi everybody, I have the following problem: If I denote by : He:=(n,k,x)->(-1)^n*(n!)^(1/2)* (GAMMA(n+k+(1/2)))^(-1/2)* LaguerreL(n,k-(1/2),x^2); and Ho:=(n,k,x)->(-1)^n*(n!)^(1/2)* (GAMMA(n+k+(3/2)))^(-1/2)*x* LaguerreL(n,k+(1/2),x^2); Can I compute the series: sum(He(n,k,x)+Ho(n,k,x),n=0..infinity); Using Maple. Thanks


I will be collecting motion data. I believe there will be high frequency errors in the data. I would like to convert the data into the frequency domain and view the frequency amplitude. (I have only a slight familiarity with the Fourier Series and Fourier Transform.)

Hi everybody, I have six coupled PDEs to solve. Because of complexity, Maple can not solve them at once, unless I solve three of them first and then satisfy the boundary conditions, then import them into the remaining equation. So it is somewhat semi-manually. The problem is, I do not know how to extract and modify the answer function from the answer of the PDE. Could you please let me know how I can modify the answer and put it back into the other equations? Thanx,


Is there a command for displaying the name of the actual worksheet file in Maple?
I am looking for a similar command to currentdir(). It displays the actual file path. I would like to get also the file name of my actual worskheet file.
I would like to attach this information to my results automatically.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Dear All,

This's my first post on this website; I'm hoping I can get some useful ideas on how to approach a problem where a PDE is coupled with an ODE, with initial and boundary conditions.  I'm using Maple 12.

The PDE is,


the ODE is,


The initial and boundary conditions are,


I'm trying to solve and plot,




i'm lookin forward for a latest algorithm in artificail intelligence so that i cld take seminar at my college,cld u help me?

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