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Hi, I'm working on the Smoluchowski equation (essentially the diffusion eqn with an extra derivative) diff(u(x,t),t)=k*diff(u(x,t),x)+D*diff(u(x,t),x,x) k is piecewise so the function has to be solved numerically, the boundary values are specified u(0,t)=u(1,t)=0 but i need the derivative at the boundaries D[1](0,t) and D[1](1,t). It seems to be simple to evaluate a numeric derivative of an ODE but I can't see how to do it for a PDE. Any help welcome, even some sort of brute force method if necessary. Thanks, Ryan



I tried to find the limit of the following equation using l'hopital's rule, when sigma approches to zero find i couldn't find it.

Now i want to use Taylor series to find the limit of the following equation, when sigma approches zero.

hey do u know a website where i can find information about gravel pacing and screen of a bore hole..i really can't find anything

Hello everyone

I have a cost function I would like to minimize. It is a fairly simple function that only contains multiplications and additions.

Only problem is, this function has about a hundred variables, but they can only be between the interval [0,1] so I guess it makes the problem easier.

Is it possible to write a little program in maple that can be ran as much as I want it to run and that could try to find an approximation of the actual solution? (By trying random numbers between 0 and 1)

Thank you very much

Does anyone know a way of quantizing sensor data in MapleSim?

When using Threshold on an image that has been converted to grayscale is it not the same as this loop?


for i from 1 to Width(a) do
  for j from 1 to Height(a) do
    a[i,j] := round(a):



I know it is possible to change the "Look and Feel" of Java applications, and i was wondering if there was any way to do this on Maple? (Maple 13 for Linux, to be exact.) 

I have been using MapleNet for several years mainly on Linux.
But I usually use Mac for daily research and education.

I wonder why MapleNet is not compatible with Mac OS X.
MapleNet runs on Tomcat since ver. 11 and it should be run
on Mac OS X with Tomcat. However, there is no installer
for Mac !

I would love to ask Maplesoft to support Mac OS X for MapleNet.
webMathematica is fully compatible with Snow Leopard !


I was playing around with loops and came up with this simple while loop that is reacting different than I am expecting

while a() <> 4 do print(a()); od:

the output includes 4's ??

I'm trying to pointplot two arrays (vectors) but no matter what I change in the listing below Maple 11 keeps considering the second vector as an option.

Can Maple embed ActiveX objects ?

such as discussed here www.quaccess.com/index.html

Hello, I've already posted a similar Problem, but didn't get any answers. Now I think I got the solution, but now there pops up another problem.

I try to run the openMaple sample java code from the samples folder in Maple. I'm running Windows 7 with Maple 13.

When I run test.java, a Popup appears with:

"Error launching OpenMaple splash screen"

with an OK button.

After this, a Popup appears with

"Fatal Error, unable to open C:\Program Files\ Maple 13\bin.win\libgmp-3.dll. This library is required for Maple to run."

Hi, MY problem below is basically like this: I have a grid and need to plot points on it. The color of points depend on another parameter x. So, if x=


i got some problems trying to run the example test.java. I have Maple 13 on a ubuntu machine.

for your info:


Now the problem:

Compiling the java file works, but when I try

java -classpath "$MAPLE/java/externalcall.jar:$MAPLE/java/jopenmaple.jar:." test

this exception appears:

Error loading libraries: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jopenmaple in java.library.path

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