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I am analyzing a system that was at steady state and then subjected to a step change.  I have the steady state modeled with a system of ODEs.

I am going to model the step change with a system of PDE's.  The system will be discretized in space and time (z,t).  I know how to setup one side of the boundary conditions (0,t) for all variables, but the other (i.e A(z,0)) I would like to use the results of the steady analysis. Does anybody have some ideas on...

It's possible for a user to set many defaults within a Maple session. One feature I do not see how to customize is the "point probe" tool. In earlier versions of Maple there was only one mode, and the coordinates of the cursor within a 2D plot were displayed in the context bar of the Maple window.

Now, there are several different modes for viewing coordinates within a plot. By default, the point probe shows nothing about the current location of the cursor. To change the point probe for one plot, right click and select Probe Info from the context menu, then choose one of "Cursor position", "Nearest datum", or "Nearest point on the line".

This has to be repeated for each plot.

Is there a way to set the default?

This works only when the plot "Manipulator" is set to "Point Probe". If it's set to Pan or Scale, this needs to be changed via the icons on the plot toolbar or through the Manipulator entry on the context menu.

Along the same lines, is there a way to set the default Manipulator to Pan or Scale?

Relevant help pages are worksheet,plotinterface,pointprobe and worksheet,plotinterface,manipulatormenu

If not, these would be nice features to have added for Maple 15.

I would like to know if it´s possible to generate a standalone .exe program based on Maplesim models, to be used out of maplesim and integrated with other tools i have.

I can use compilation in maplesim, but this just speed up the simulation, without giving to me a compiled external code.

I´m having to export maplesim modelica model to openmodelica environment, and generate an exe code there. the input and output parameters are transformed into text...

Hello Samir,

Could you explain me what this circuit couldn't be simulated if I replace the default fluid properties to the water's ones? The default fluid is an hydraulic oil, but for water (density = 998 kg/m^3, bulk coefficient = 2.2 10^9 Pa and cinematic viscosity = 10^-6 m^2/s) the simulation gives unsuccessful results. I tried with several solver with similar results.

Moreover, similar behaviours I experimented if I include chamber components into the hydraulic circuits.


if L=S then
if x=1 then

print(`A 1 j k`);
print(`A 0 j k`);

if y=1 then

print(`B i 1 k`);

print(`B i 0 k`);
if z=1 then
print(`C i j 1`);

print(`C i j 0`);
if L=A then
if x=1 then

print(`S 1 j k`);

print(`S 0 j k`);

if y=1 then

print(`C i 1 k`);

print(`C i 0 k`);

sendtomap1.mw, sendtomap2.mw, wood_riess.zipHi! I've written a program for my work to obtain "chi square" for a range of data. Can someone tell me why my first example which I have attached and I've called it "sendtomap1" works correctly, but the second one "sendtomap2" has an error?...


I'm writting a simple program to obtain chi-squared for my model. I've written it for a costant value of "n" and it correctly works and results chi-squared, but when I want to write a loop for "n" then the program doesn't work at all.

I don't recieve any error message. can you help me?



I am trying to create a certain visual effect in a Maple document / worksheet.

Basically, I have a small table with colored cells that I want to embed in a worksheet with an altogether different fill color. This sounds simple enough, but it appears that Maple's tables don't allow this.

I built the shock model in MapleSim


then I got the response accleration


For this curve, I want to solve its fourier series in Maple.

Do it work?

thinks in advance.

this is the msim file


how do i use Maple to prove a+c is congruent to b+d mod n?


I'm exporting arrays of plots as html (so I get multiple gif files). At the moment I do this off the menus (file\export as) is there a way to write this command at the prompt in worksheet mode?


  1. How do I 
  2. Write a maple program to calculate the probability that k cards in 3-dimensonal set game (out of 27 cards) contain a set for k=3…9.

      3  randomly generate 12 cards in 4-dimensonal set game, either find a set or report “no set”.

Im building a series of Java applets. My applets have text areas where students will write answers to questions. I am looking for a way to make my text areas be MathML boxes. Anotherwords, instead of adding the answer in normal text (1/2) it will be in Maple format. (1/2) should be a fractions, and not just a string as you see in this post.

Can I solve the following two coupled differential equations instead of the previous one in Maple 13?

 with plots

Eq[1]:=3*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))-2*(diff(f(eta), eta))^2+3*g(eta)

Eq[2]:=(diff(g(eta), `$`(eta, 2)))/Pr+f(eta)*(diff(g(eta), eta))

BCs := [f(0), (D(f))(0), g(0)-1, g(25)]

pars := {Pr = 1}

for i to 2 do eq[i] := subs(pars, Eq[i]) end do

eqs := eq[1], eq[2]

vars := f(eta), g(eta)

No that way I could have chosen infinity at 10 or lower values also. f ' will go from 0 to 0 through positive values only. But how can I claim then that my solution is infinity independent. Because if I change the value of infinity whole solution changes.


Moreover at 15.6 the value of f ' is sufficiently close to 0 but value of g (0) is about 0.15 which is far greater than 0. g (0) goes to zero at about eta=25.

So  can I get rid of the problem?  

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