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Could you please help me to solve this error.

my code is here.


This question is an expansion of my previous reply. 

There exist sixty kinds of statements in Maple, whose major ​​​​portion can be used as an expression or within an expression (e.g., assignment, loop, and condition). But why is use an exception?

Moreover, since it is reasonable to think of use as a (partial) generalization (see below) of the subs function, shouldn't the behaviour of use be consistent with do/if?

Compare: "seq((…;…;…), x in x__0):" (not allowed) vs. "for x in x__0 do …;…;… od:" (allowed); "subs(x = x__0, (…;…;…)):" (not allowed) vs. "use x = x__0 in …;…;… od:" (Not allowed! Why?).)

Edit. Besides that, is there some workaround to do something like

  # If use can be used as an expression or within an expression, 
use x = 2 + y in 'use y = 4 in x + y end' end;
  # should return “use y~ = 4 in (2 + y) + y~ end use;” and 
(use y = 2 + x in x -> x + y end);
  # should output “x~ -> x~ + (2 + x);”. 
  # Unfortunately, I cannot find a workaround to stimulate them.

 at present? Note that the `subs` function is unable to do so, so in my opinion, only when the use of `use` is no longer limited to statements will it become a sweeping generalization of `subs`.

I was wondering whether the rendering of bars


looks also dot like on other computers

Looks like Newtonian notation

long time ago I asked about automatic spacing to improve latex for sqrt. A nice solution was provided in https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/231062-Adding-Space-After-Sqrt-To-Improve-The-Latex

The above is activatived using spaceaftersqrt = true option for latex:-Settings

There is a similar issue for inert integration where a space is typically added before the final dx This is done similar to the above fix using \, See for example this Latex web site giving many examples.

But there is no option I could see to tell Maple to do this automatically for integration.

So all my inert integrals now look not too good as the dx is too close to the integrand. Here are 2 examples with the settings I am using


      usecolor = false,
      powersoftrigonometricfunctions= mixed, ## computernotation,
      leavespaceafterfunctionname = true,
      cacheresults = false,
      spaceaftersqrt = true,

Intat( subs(y=a,1/sol),a=y(x));


I copied the latex and compiled it, and this is the result


\int_{}^{y \left(x \right)}\frac{1}{\sqrt{4 a^{3}-a^{2}-b}\, a}d a

\int \sqrt{4 y^{3}-a y -b}\, a d y


Which gives

Compare the output when adding \, by hand to the latex


\int_{}^{y \left(x \right)}\frac{1}{\sqrt{4 a^{3}-a^{2}-b}\, a}\, d a

\int \sqrt{4 y^{3}-a y -b}\, a \, d y


Which now gives much better result

Actually, what would be nice if the "d" in "dx" was mathrm which becomes


\int_{}^{y \left(x \right)}\frac{1}{\sqrt{4 a^{3}-a^{2}-b}\, a}\, \mathrm{d} a

\int \sqrt{4 y^{3}-a y -b}\, a \, \mathrm{d} y


But may be I am asking for too much here. But having an option to add \, only for inert integration will be good to have.

Does there exist an option to do this that may be I overlooked?

Maple 2023.2


How I can plot a volumetric body with the coordinates provided in the text file attachment?

after finding the geometry curve I want to find the curve that passes through the middle source.


I recently answered a question concerning the Lane-Emden equation (see here LaneEmden) where the main topic was about finding its numerical solution.

The generic form of the Lane-Emden equation with parameter n is

LaneEmden := n -> (Diff(xi^2*(Diff(theta(xi), xi)), xi)) = -theta(xi)^n * xi^2

      d   /  2 / d            \\             n   2
n -> ---- |xi  |---- theta(xi)|| = -theta(xi)  xi 
      dxi \    \ dxi          //                  

I have just realized that I missed a "small" point in the original question: the OP ( @shashi598 ) wrote
"[...] Maple never comes out of evaluating [the] analytical solution when n=5 [...] ".
The important point here is that this solution (at least for some initial conditions) is known and simple (in the sense it doen't involve any special function).

So I tried for a few hours to verify this claim, and ended wondering myself if it might not be right?

Could you please tell me (I guess @shashi598 would be interested too in your return) if the differential equation LaneEmden(5) can be solved formally?


After a little research it seems that very specigic method are used to build the analytic solution of the LaneEmden(n) (n not equal to 0, 1 and 5): serie expansions, homotopy, Adomian decomposition for instance.
I wasn't capable to find how the solution for LaneEmden(5) have been got for the first time (iseems to be atthe end of the 19th century).

How to apply the following relationship in maple commands? In this physics this relation it's utilized in effective field theory

Where can I find a tutor on Maples ??? I need a tutor on maple i am on graduate engineering  contat me anyone can help 

We just switched to a new Antivirus program (Bitdefender), and we are getting a bunch of security warnings because of outdated software.

I do have  a couple of those for my PC, e.g. some regarding Apache. I don't have Apache installed on my PC, but I think Maple does use it.

So I wonder which policy Maple has regarding updating its open source libraries.

A quick review on Maple Help - copyright information shows a couple of Open Source licenses code which seems to be delivered in old versions.

Bitdefender classifies them with a high security risk.

Hello sir

I am new to here

I am not familear with maple can i solve the pde in maple software and get the plots and tabular values which are mentioned in the below given pdf

The final equation (12-19) of the pdf to solve and get the plots like below mentioned figure number

Figure 4,17 and 23 one sample graphs 

With table 2 values. Basha-2023-Keller-box-computation-for-entropy

I heared about maple recently in reseach gate. It is friendly user.

Please tell me how to get the above mentiond values and plots.

There are two opposing commands remove and select in Maple. According to the main help page, StringTools:-RegSplit effectively implements the removal (i.e., capturing substrings that does not match the given pattern), but as regards extracting the matching parts of the input string (e.g., this example from MatLab), where is the command to carry out the selection?
At present I can do something like 

use StringTools in RegFilter := (p::string, s::string) -> select[2](RegMatch, sprintf("^%s$", p), (op@NGrams)~(s, [`$`](Length(s)))) end:
RegFilter("a.++b", "aabbbaaabb");
 ["aab", "abb", "aab", "abb", "aabb", "abbb", "aaab", "aabb", 

   "aabbb", "aaabb", "abbbaaab", "aabbbaaab", "abbbaaabb", 


Nevertheless, there exist at least two disadvantages to it.

This is essentially equivalent to letting the matcher keeps starting at the same position until no more new matches are found, while sometimes one may just need the matcher to continue the shortest-match testing at the character following the last matched substring after finding a match:

For instance, there should be three flags in “RegFilter("a.+?b", "aabbbaaabb", 'overlapped'=⁇);”: 
⒈“["aab", "aaab"]” (selection with no overlap), 
⒉“["aab", "abb", "aaab", "aab", "abb"]” ( with partial overlaps), and 
⒊“["aab", "aabb", "aabbb", "aabbbaaab", "aabbbaaabb", "abb", "abbb", "abbbaaab", "abbbaaabb", "aaab", "aaabb", "aab", "aabb", "abb"]” ( with full overlaps). 

Unfortunately, the  above can only handle the last mode.

Another disadvantage is its inefficiency. Considering the following regular expression which matchs email-like strings

sample := Import("https://github.com/mariomka/regex-benchmark/raw/optimized/input-text.txt"): # lengthy 
re := "[a-zA-Z_0-9\\.+-]+@[a-zA-Z_0-9\\.-]+\\.[a-zA-Z_0-9\\.-]+":
time[real]((remnants := StringTools:-RegSplit(re, sample)));

So Maple is capable of completing this removal within 4 seconds, yet if I execute the analogous

timelimit(60, time[real](RegFilter(re, sample))); 

Maple will end up running out of memory.

In view of these, where is the generic StringTools:-RegFilter functionality? Or can we construct those matched cases from  and the original text?

Dear maple users,

i want to solve these 4 difference scheme equations to calculate the values of U,V,C,T and plot the graphs i verse U by fixing the values

i:=1,Sc:=2,Gr:=5,Gc:=10,DX:=0.02;DR:=0.2,Dt:=:=0.01:m:=7.44,7.88 where ,j=0..5;

eq1[i,j,m]:=(1/(4*DX))*(U[i, j-1,m+1]-U[i-1, j-1,m+1]+U[i,j,m+1]-U[i-1, j,m+1]- U[i-1, j-1,m]+U[i, j,m]-U[i-1, j,m])+(1/(2*DR))*(V[i, j,m+1]-V[i, j-1,m+1]+V[i, j,m]-V[i, j-1,m])+(1/(1+(j-1)*DR))*(V[i, j,m+1]):

eq2[i,j,m]:=(1/Dt)*(U[i, j,m+1]-U[i, j,m])+(U[i, j,m]/(2*DX))*(U[i, j,m+1]-U[i-1, j,m+1]+U[i, j,m]-U[i-1, j,m])+(V[i, j,m]/(4*DR))*(U[i, j+1,m+1]-U[i, j-1,m+1]+U[i, j+1,m]-U[i, j-1,m])=(Gr/2)*(T[i, j,m+1]+T[i, j,m])+(Gc/2)*(C[i, j,m+1]+C[i, j,m])+(1/(2*(DR)^2))*(U[i, j-1,m+1]-2*U[i, j,m+1]+U[i, j+1,m+1]+U[i, j-1,m]-2*U[i, j,m]+U[i, j+1,m])+(1/(4*DR*(1+(j-1)*DR)))*(U[i, j+1,m+1]-U[i, j-1,m+1]+U[i, j+1,m]-U[i, j-1,m]):

eq3[i,j,m]:=(1/Dt)*(T[i, j,m+1]-T[i, j,m])+(U[i, j,m]/(2*DX))*(T[i, j,m+1]-T[i-1, j,m+1]+T[i, j,m]-T[i-1, j,m])+(V[i, j,m]/(4*DR))*(T[i, j-1,m+1]-T[i, j-1,m+1]+T[i, j+1,m]-T[i, j-1,m])=(1/(2*Pr*(DR)^2))*(T[i, j-1,m+1]-2*T[i, j,m+1]+T[i, j+1,m+1]+T[i, j-1,m]-2*T[i, j,m]+T[i, j+1,m])+(1/(4*Pr*DR*(1+(j-1)*DR)))*(T[i, j+1,m+1]-T[i, j-1,m+1]+T[i, j+1,m]-T[i, j-1,m]):
eq4[i,j,m]:=(1/Dt)*(C[i, j,m+1]-C[i, j,m])+(U[i, j,m]/(2*DX))*(C[i, j,m+1]-C[i-1, j,m+1]+C[i, j,m]-C[i-1, j,m])+(V[i, j,m]/(4*DR))*(C[i, j+1,m+1]-C[i, j-1,m+1]+C[i, j+1,m]-C[i, j-1,m])=(1/(2*Sc*(DR)^2))*(C[i, j-1,m+1]-2*C[i, j,m+1]+C[i, j+1,m+1]+C[i, j-1,m]-2*C[i, j,m]+C[i, j+1,m])+(1/(4*Sc*DR*(1+(j-1)*DR)))*(C[i, j+1,m+1]-C[i, j-1,m+1]+C[i, j+1,m]-C[i, j-1,m]):

For several hours I experience difficulties to upload a mw file (file LaneEmdenNumeric.mw to answer this question).

Given the error message I get

I thought it was a general technical problem.

But then I realized that this file ColumnSorting_4.mw , for instance, could be uploaded.

Nevertheless, as soon as I try to upload LaneEmdenNumeric.mw I get the error displayed above and it becomes impossible to upload any other file, even ColumnSorting_4.mw.

Does someone has any idea about what's going on?

For the record, LaneEmdenNumeric.mw contains nothing special that could prevent its uploading.
This file can be uploaded here  DropBox  (replace the txt extension by mw before opening it with Maple).

integral of sqrt(sin(x)) is known to be as given in few place such as in here and other places.

Maple gives a result which is much more complicated (but also in terms of EllipticE special function). 

Could someone find a way to simplify it to the above answer and also to the same answer given by Mathematica?


Compare to 

Maple's result seems to be correct, as I plotted it and compared the smaller known resut. But I was not able to simplify it to obtain the smaller antiderivative.

Any tricks to do that?

Hi all

I need your advice on Maple usage after a long break. I installed Maple on my laptop and first of all tried to launch my old program. Surprisingly, the old file opened. While the core Maple functionality remained familiar, the user interface had undergone some changes.

Yet, I soon encountered challenges when attempting to perform even the simplest operations, like file browsing or text selection; the Maple Standard GUI seemed uncharacteristically sluggish.  I switched to Maple Input mode but it didn't help much. Are there ways to improve my experience with Maple? Is it caused by the outdated hardware?

My system:
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Dell Inc. Latitude 5510 (1TB SSD, 32GB RAM).

Maybe it works much better on Windows?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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