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I need help for designing a procedure for Schubert Kronecker polynomial program in maple.

so i have a little school laptop and maple on it works just fine. Then i have my all powerful gaming desktop with an AM RTX 3700x ,RTX 2070S, SSD and 32GB ram.

I have never seen maple run so slow on any pc as i have on my desktop. It is completely impossible to use maple. Just writing normal input like 123 takes forever. One thing i have noticed is evertime i do some sort of action, then the icons to the left slowly go from being colored to grey and back to colored before i can do a new action.

The two images below show an example here you can see it is about to go from being colored to being grey, when i try to mark stuff. I have tried to install the x64 and x86 version, i have tried giving it 4096 ram in the ini file and i have tried removing splash. Nothing works....