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I am doing some work on differential equations, and I am checking the solutions.  Whether the solution is correct or not depends on whether or not a real number plus zero*i is a real number or an imaginary number.  I want to test how maple handles this by plotting sin(x)i. 

This is intended to be a complex plot.  I am expecting a series of points along the real axis where sin(x) is zero.  Can anyone help me with this?




I want my vector field plot to have more arrows, and am wondering how to do this.  Here is the file:



Thanks in advance!



I am double checking some textbook methods involving the arc length of a parabolic function of y.  I need to calculate the x coordinate that represents half the arc length of the parabola from x=0 to x=1

I have included my work in the form of a maple worksheet.  Help on this would be appreciated.

Have a great day!Test_solve_for_x.mw


Suppose I want to create a matrix of derivatives, like gradient, Hessian, or Jacobian, and then apply that matrix to a function.  How do I do this?



I am studying nonlinear differential equations, and I want to compare software that gives exact solutions to software that gives numerical solutions.

In the attached Maple document, I try to solve a nonlinear ordinary differential equation numerically, but it seems like the numerical solver cannot solve this type of nonlinear ODE.  Are there any numerical solvers in maple that can find a solution to this equation?




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