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I am doing some vector calculations with maple 2022, and I would like to gain a better understanding of how spherical derivatives of spherical vectors are calculated.  How can I ask maple to show the solution for this calculation?


Thanks in advance!


I would like Maple to show the full solution method to this pde.  How do I do this?




I am wondering how maple did this calculation:


How can I ask maple to show its work in this calculation?


I am trying to use Maple to solve a PDE involving composite functions.  How do I program this?  Here is an attached file describing what I am trying to do.



I am trying to integrate a function from -infinity to infinity.  When I enter the integrate command into Maple, I just get the command back.  Does anyone know how to properly code the command for an indefinite integral?

I have attached the relevant worksheet.Indefinite_Integral.mw

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