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In some trigonometric equations, I have variables depending of time like Psi(t). I don't why after some manipulation my variable is transformed in :-Psi(t).

Have some ideas why some variables can be change with :- before ?

Here an example

It may come because of the code "Local Psi". I added this because it seemed to me that Psi was protected. Do I right? If not can I remove Local Psi?

Thanks a lot for your help


I would like to determine a closed form solution (=analytical solution) of the following trigonometric equations system.

The unknowns are :

ListAllUnknowns := [Psi(t), Theta[1](t), Theta[2](t), x[1](t), x[2](t), z[1](t), z[2](t)]

Do you have ideas so as to conduct the symbolic resolution of this trigonometric equations system ?

I have been told that the use of Grobner basis could be useful but I have never try this.

Thanks a lot for yours feedbacks.


In the context of solving mechanical constraint equations, I often need to simplify trigonometric equation. In mathematica, the FullSimplify function makes the simplification I need. But, i'm using Maple for a long time and I would rather contnue my calculation with Mathematica.

May you see if so can help me to simplify this equation ?

Here the equation I would like to simplify with Maple :

Here the result obtained with mathematica


Thanks a lot for your help


I have some points that i have plotted thanks to the function pointplot.

Is it possible to add tags next the points (like it is possible in Excel) ?

Of course, I have a vector with the definition of the contents of the tags that I would like to add.


Thanks a lot for your help


I would like to export some plots from a worksheet as vectorial picture.

However, I didn't find how to export plots as .svg ou .emf files. These files are accepted by visio which is the software I use for the creation of my figures.

Is it possible to export picture as a vectorial picture and yes, how ?

Moreover, I would like these kind of extensions that is to say .svg and .emf

Thanks a lot for your help.

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