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These are questions asked by Bendesarts


1) Is it possible to transform a lib package into a mla package ?

2) I add the file here :

May you manage to make the transformation and give me an access to the code inside ?

Thank you for your help


I have difficulties to solve a small linear system.

I attach my code. It may be due to derivate variables but i'm not sure. I remember having solve before similar systems.

May you have a look at my code and tell me why the solve function doesn't return any results ?

Thank you for your help.


I have a set of 8 kinematic constraints.

I would like to express them into the following form Jxdq with J the jacobian matrix.

I attached my code.

the 8 equations are gathered in SysEq

Thanks a lot for your help


I have two functions :

When alpha2 is fixed, i can make a parametric plot to see the evolution of the point M which have the coordinates (x,y).


for alpha2 = 30°, i can plot 


for alpha2 = 25°, i can plot 


for alpha2 = 20°, i can plot 


and so on ...

I would like to plot these different parametric plots with a increment of 5 degrees for alpha2 from 30° to -30°. But, i would like to gather all the plots on the same plot.

I attach my code. My attempt with a for loop doesn't work.

How can i do such a plot (gathering several parametric plots) ?

Thank you for your help.





I could build the table routh of the characteristic equation of the system by using the function RouthTable( )

I try to find the stability conditions as fonction as the gain g. For that purpose, i have to solve some inequalities.

Each terms of the first column of the routh table should be positive.

I would like to find the conditions on the gain g so that my system is stable.

In order to solve the inequalities as function of g, i must assume the mass, and the spring to be positive. I'm not sure that i have well assumed the parameters to be positive.

Have you some ideas to solve my inequalities and find symbolically the conditions of the gain g? 

I attach an extract of my code.

Thank you for your help

Extract of my code:



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