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@dharr Infact there are 1455 subgroups and 56 conjugacy classes. I am hoping there is a way to generate them manually.

@sursumCorda Is this result correct?

F := proc(A) local a := A; while hastype(a, function) do a := subsindets(a, function, proc(F) [[op(0, F)], [op(F)]] end); end do; end;


[F(cS(x::anything)(y::anything)(z::anything) = x(z)(y(z))),
F(cK(x::anything)(y::anything) = x, cI(x::anything) = x)],
eval(applyrule([[f :: list, g :: list] = Fn(f, g)], %), Fn = ((L1, L2) -> op(L1)(op(L2))));

@NeraSnow This is the inverse of ifactors:
f := proc (L) local p; L[1]*mul(p[1]^p[2], p = L[2]) end proc;

So with substitutions it would be:
fsubbed := proc (L) local p; L[1]*mul(subs(args[2..-1], p[1])^p[2], p = L[2]) end proc;

fsubbed(ifactors(10!), 2 = two, 3 = three);

@mmcdara There is an error in your definition of eq2. Compare to OP.

@nm The manual is not written by the designers of the Maple language/software for the most part. It is written by hired personnel subsequently. Many details are simply not present in the manual. This is how I interpret the help pages.

If you know about automatic simplification, then the results you post are obvious.

@nm To illustrate the action:

subsop(1=3, 2=b,3=c,4=d, expr);

@nm If you do not recognize the object you are manipulating recognizing the result would be a mystery. Maple uses automatic simplification, meaning all numeric constants are multiplied automatically. The constant of multiplication is operand 1. Your operation removes it and introduces an additional new multiplier. Your operation can not be completed as a substitution.

@Preben Alsholm If what you are saying is true then the purpose of assume mechanism is completely defeated.

You need to repost as text or file.

I suspect integral of 
(-(2/3)*t^2-(2/9)*t-4/27)*exp(-(3/2)*t)+4/27+(1/27)*(4*2^(-(1/2)*alpha)*3^((1/2)*alpha)*t^(-(1/2)*alpha)*(-2+alpha)*WhittakerM(-(1/2)*alpha, -(1/2)*alpha+1/2, (3/2)*t)-6*exp(-(3/4)*t)*((-2+alpha)*t^(1-alpha)+3*t^(2-alpha)))*exp(-(3/4)*t)/GAMMA(3-alpha);
has no closed form.

@Jesús Guillera How do you define minimal?

Can you post screenshots? Please do not post arbitrary file types on the forum.


I receive a result of FAIL in Maple 2017 for the following:

is(m > 0) assuming n>1, m>n*(n-1)/2;


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