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If I enter an equation label (crtl-space-L) twice in a row with an operator and without any spaces, Maple shoves the second label in before the operator.

So if I want this (1)+(2) what I actually get is this (1)(2)+ looks like it's doing some commutative quantum wierdness haha sorry I just had to put that in there.

I've found a small bug, it's more of an aesthetics issue.





100. 1.050000000


No brackets around the 1.05.  Happens in classic version as well. 


Cool trick I never knew.  Pressing CRTL + (any number) changes the font size of the whole worksheet.  Very cool.

Couple of annoying things maple does.  When declaring variables, for example K:=45; D:=400; A:=23; Maple returns 45, 400 and 23.  Why doesn't maple show what numbers are assigned to what variables?

Also x:=t->5*t^2-5*t  only returns t->5*t^2-5*t   when what it should show is x(t)=5*t^2-5*t  Maple again doesn't show the variable. 

If you have a single variable polynomial you must specify the variable in the sort command when using the ascending and descending option.  Ascending or descending will not work without it.  It's obvious you need to express it with more than one variable but for single variables it should not be needed.

As a simple example.   b:=x+x^3+x^2;

Sort(b)  gives x^3+x^2+x and sort(b,ascending) gives the same answer as does Sort(b,descending)

Just a small issue maple could fix in an update. 

When you reach the bottom of the screen and you're typing out a long equation with many brackets the gray bar that is supposed to match them up underneath the equation is out of view.  It's nothing major and I'm sure maple already knows about this, it's probably not high on their priority list to fix but just as an FYI for them to fix for future updates.

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