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These are questions asked by Christopher2222

It's a little confusing trying to create a help page. 

Using the tools Save as help page option is confusing and not explained very well in the help.  The table of Contents entry does not file it under a folder unless it's followed by a forward slash(/)

In older maple versions, calculating your monthly payments on a car, for example, have become a little more cumbersome. 

Older versions had a built in function called finance, which has since been removed in the newer versions.  The syntax for the command was finance(amount= , interest=, payments=, or periods=) you could leave out one and maple would calculate the unknown.  The most common unknown was the amount of your monthly payments on a car which nowadays is usually a fixed finance level of 48 months.

The older maple syntax was 

Is there somewhere in maple where I can find a list of math, physics, engineering formula's?

I'm actually a little surprised maple doesn't have a math formula, physics formula, engineering formula etc...  help pages or something.  Just a list of formulas, like the cosine law, maxwells equations, bernoulis principle etc... or even simple formulas.  That one could reference to. 

It should be fairly easy thing to make, no? 


Is there any way to put the Advanced Engineering Mathematics ebook into a menu on Maple?

After installation I thought it would have to put itself into a menu and be accessible that way or at least under the help file heading, I can't find it in any menu.  The only way I can load the thing is to go to the folder it was installed and load the Table of contents file, or drag it into maple, or do the normal open file ... search for it ... then open. 

I just found Advisor by Robert Israel.  I followed the instructions, but it won't work

Here's what I did.

I unzipped the 3 files (maple.hdb, maple.ind and maple.lib) in the zipped folder to an advisor named directory in the Maple folder

I created Maple.ini and put   libname:= `c:/Program Files/Maple 11/Tools/Advisor`, libname:   as the sole line in the file as it says.  I put the Maple.ini in the main Maple 11 folder and also tried it in it's folder.  No luck.

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