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Hi all,

is there some way to handle piecewise functions as if they were just another equation? In this case I´ve got a piecewise in 4 segments, one of them empty. The other segments are equations that solve a function for a variable under constraints, i.e. it shows somewhat like:

{(conditions1), q[O]=(...), (conditions2), q[O]=(...), (conditions3), q[O]=(...), else, []}

(I hope you get what I mean. The piecewise is a tad long and I wouldn´t...

Hi all,


I needed to create assumed variables for a problem I´m working on. After working on them in a last step I need to replace the assumptions with values so as to get a real number. - I don´t want to define values to the variables from the beginning as I want to avoid rounding errors and I don´t know any other way around the problem.

Giving you the exact problem would be bit too complicated, but you might get to know what I would like to do with this example:...

Hi all!

I would like to isolate a variable from an equation but after trying both solve and isolate I noticed they result in two different solutions. Which one is correct or in other words are there any issues with my syntax resulting in these differences?

Hi all!

solve({q[R1] >= 0, q[S] >= 0, `dΠ`[R1] = 0}, q[R1])

This command gives me a piecewise solution, showing somewhat like:


[] q[S] < 0.13...

[{q[R1] = ...(q[S])   }] q[S] => 0.13...


Is there some way to define that part of this piecewise function for which q[S]=>0.13 as a seperate function? I need to do some more work on q[R1...

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