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I am using Maple 14 in Windows xp.

If you enter an equation, or expression into a table the screen display shows more than adequate amount of blank space remaining in that particular table row.  However, when you look at the document in print preview or after printing it out you find that the free space in the row is not correctly displayed.  This is by no means subtle.  For example, I enter an equation into a table and it looks like at...

I have noticed that editing in Maple 14 in document mode becomes very sluggish if the Greek palette is left expanded while editing.  I also seem to see a refresh of the palette (maybe a very quick flash) at this time also.

Editing seems to return to normal if the palette is closed.

I am just curious if anyone else has observed this behavour.




Using Maple 10 on windows XP machine (laptop and desktop). During certain operations/calculations, the screen will flash. This also occurs when opening a maple document that needs to recalculate - the screen flashes repeatedly during the re-calculation. Has anyone else seen this? Regards, Frank
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