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I use a personal licensed copy of Maple (Maple 2020.2).  In the "help about" dialog there is a clickable box titled "Reactivate License".  Does this imply that my license is not activated?  I have not had any issues with using the software.



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I would like to generate a symbolic sum of the first "n" derivatives of a function.

For example, f = 1/(1-x^4)


The response from Maple is not as expected.  The first term is:  -1/(4*(x-1)) and the subsequent terms are less recognizable.

If I use "seq" with the same syntax, I end up with a list that includes the function and the first 3 derivatives.

I have also tried:


I am using Maple 14.

Assume I have an equation of two variables, theta and psi (actually using greek letters).  Both of these is a function of time.  Lets say it is something like F:= theta^2 + 2*psidot (where "dot" means first derivative and appears in the equation either as psi with overdot or prime - have tried it both ways).

I want to use diff(F,theta) and display the result "2*theta*thetadot" (i.e. thetadot is theta with overdot) or diff(F,psidot...

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