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Is there any way to plot more than one pointset on the same graph using pointplot. On my worksheet the following worked plotpoint(points,color=red); plotpoint(points2,color = blue); But not plotpoint({points,points2},color = [red,blue]); or plotpoint([points,points2],color = [red,blue]); Any suggestions?
First Question: Let's say I have just created a plot using the Interactive Plot Builder. What If I just want to tweak the expression in the plot. Is there any way I can get the Interactive Plot Builder to open with all of the info related to a specific plot already inside the plot builder, so that I could just tweak the expression and everything else would remain the same? In other words, is there any way around having to start from scratch with the Interactive Plot Builder? A related question is this: Assume there is a plot, created with the IPB, in your worksheet. Is there any way to click on this plot and find out what Maple commands would have created the plot if the user had done it that way instead of using the IPB?
Hello, I just attempted to upload a .gif file of less than 10 kilobytes, and got an error message indicating that the file was too large to upload. Can I assume that this is a temporary problem that will be fixed ?
Hello, I'm a complete Newbie. The first thing I did was to take the "10 Minute Tour" which is accessed through the help file. One of the things this tour has you do is to create an animated plot, which I did. However, the doc says "Clicking on the plot enables the animation toolbar.". Well, I click on the plot and my cursor turns into a curvey arrow, which let's me twist the plot around, but I don't get any animation toolbar. Could someone tell me exactly where and how to click to bring up the animation toolbar. The doc also mention an "animation slider". How do I get that? -Thank
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