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Suppose we have a column vector B of n elements. Whats the simplest code for creating n x n Matrix A whose off diagonal elements are 0 and whose diagonal elements are the elements of B?

> Maple Equation

> Maple Equation

I was surprised to find MAPLE doesn't see to have the Kronecker delta as a system function. It was simple enough to write one, but that brings up a question. What if you have certain simple functions which you want to have always available, even after a restart. If you do restarts alot, it can become tedious to keep having to go back to the execution group in which they are defined and click on it. Is there any way to define a function as 'Permanent'. I'm just starting to read about modules. Is the use of modules a recommended way to have user defined procedures stay in the system af

What if, for display purposes, you wish the output of an execution group to look exactly a certain way. For example, I am trying to get the output to look exactly like Maple Equation
The use of single quotes doesn't seem to do the trick.

> Maple Equation

Hello, I am trying to follow the example in the MAPLE10 User Manual, pg. 248. I have created the file, which I just uploaded. As far as I can tell, my file is identical to what is shown on pg. 248. The Manual says 4. Select the entire area (text and math content) to format. 5. From the Format menu, select Create Document Block. I select the entire area, then I go to the Format menu, and I find that the option 'Create Document Block' is greyed out - that is, it is unavailable. In fact, that option only seems to be available when nothing is selected. Could it be that there is an error in the Manual here?
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