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Is there any way in MAPLE to set up a workksheet in such a way that you can enter |B| and have it produce the same result as Mag(B) where Mag:=b->sqrt(Re(b)*Re(b) + Im(b)*Im(b))
When I saw a statement on a post I thought "I didn't know you could do that". I downloaded it and it wouldn't compile. Here is the statement. G := (i,j) -> if is(i,even) and is(j,even) then 1; else 0; end if; When I tried to compile this in MAPLE 10 I got an "invalid arrow proceedure" error. Should this compile? Thanks
In a number of posts containing code I have seen the expression fi. When I type ?fi I get the help file on if. I read through this file and find no reference to fi. Could someone explain what fi is and/or where I might find it discussed in the help file? Thanks
Can anyone tell me why I am getting the error I am getting in this file. View on MapleNet or Download
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Hello, I'm working on a document and I decided to print it out to do some editing. I have enabled page numbers, and when I do a print preview I see the page numbers at the bottom of the all of the pages. But when I print out the file, the page number appears at the bottom of the first page but not on any of the next pages. This happens both when I print it to our office printer and when I print it to a PDF file. Any suggestions?
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