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Its common in textbooks when dealing with the subject of transformation of coordinate systems to used primed coordinates, e.g. x' y' x'. MAPLE tends to interpret primes as derivatives. Is there any way to tell MAPLE that these primes represent different variables, not derivatives?
Hello, I'm having a difficulty with MAPLE's dsolve which is best understood by looking at the uploaded file. If anyone has the time to help me on this I would sure appreciate it. View 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with on MapleNet or Download 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with
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I have a question regarding a symbol for cross product. I just uploaded the file referenced at the bottom of this post, and when I viewed it in the file manager it looks different enought from the original file that anyone kind enought to help me will have to download the file. thanks View on MapleNet or Download
A while ago I posted to a forum which was not the one I intended to post to. I reposted but my original post remains in the MAPLE TA forum. Is there any way to remove one's own post from a forum?
I enter this at the command prompt >sss := [[1, 2], [2, 4], [3, 6], [4, 8], [5, 10]] Then I enter this at the command prompt >sss; and I get the output [[1, 2], [2, 4], [3, 6], [4, 8], [5, 10]] as expected. Then I enter this MakeData := proc () local i; global ggg; for i to 5 do ggg[i, 1] := i; ggg[i, 2] := 2*i end do end proc Then I run the proceedure MakeData and I test various values of ggg[i,j] to verify that ggg[i,j] = sss[i,j] But when I type ggg at the command prompt, the output just returns ggg, it doesn't give me the whole display, as it does when I type sss as the command prompt. Is there any way to get that output when just using ggg ?
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