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After reading pg. 201 in the INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMMING GUIDE, I got the impression that one could declare both local and global variables within a proceedure. This parses proc1 := proc () local i; end proc; So does this proc1 := proc () global j; end proc; But not this proc1:=proc() local i: global j: end proc; Is it possible to declare both global and local variables from inside a procedure?
I am having problems with subs and collect. Unfortunately, I still haven't figered out how to make the input part of a MAPLE equation visible in the post. I still have the problem that it just appears as "MAPLE equation" so anyone who is kind enough to want to help me will have to look at my file Thank you View on MapleNet or Download
I intended to post this msg in this forum but somehow put into the MAPLE TA forum. Here it is where it belongs. I know this is a really basic question & I'm kind of surprised I haven't run into this situation before, but here goes. Multiple assignments are possible, e. g. a,b,c = 1,2,3 What's the simplest MAPLE command(s) which will place into each of these 3 variables a value twice its previous value. I try stuff like a,b,c = map(x->2*x,(a,b,c)) and MAPLE says no way!

Maple Equation

What's the simplest MAPLE command that would change

Maple Equation


Maple Equation

Maple Equation

I recently posted a worksheet to my blog. I used the feature in the MAPLE file manager which turns a worksheet into code so it can be displayed more or less the same way it looks in MAPLE. I copied this code and pasted it into the text of my post. When I did a preview I saw what I would refer to as the "blue equations" but for the equations I actually typed into the worksheet at the MAPLE prompt, I only got boxes which said "Maple equation". When I click on these boxes nothing happens. So someone would really have to open my worksheet to get any sense of what I was talking about, which was not what I intended. I don't recall running into this problem before. Maybe I am doing something different than before and just don't know it. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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