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I am having trouble understanding how to put different tickmark spacing on the x and y axes.  Would someone be kind enough to show me the syntax of a plot command which plots the function y=x from x=-1..1 with tickmarks spaced 0.25 apart on the x-axis and 0.2 apart on the y-axis?


Thank you

I am getting bcak into MAPLE after being away for a while, so this might be a trivial question, but...

I am using plots[pointplot] to plot a series of points.  The default min and max values on the x and y axes of the plot are the corresponding min and max values of the x(first) coordinates and y(second) coordinates of the points.  I can change this by left-clicking on the plot and adjusting the axes properties, but I am wondering if it would be possible...

I copied a column of figures from Excel and pasted them into an Maple worksheet.  Maple displayed a column vector with the appropriate values.  I set the variable y equal to this vector and was able to verify that, for example, y[3] had the correct value.  However, when I tried to use y[i] after a summation symbol which used i as the index I got the error message "Error, bad index into vector".  The summation expression worked fine when I redefined y by the following:



It has been about 1 year since I have posted so I am a bit rusty.  I just uploaded a .mw file & thought I followed the instructions for creating a link to my file in the body of this message, but it doesn't look right & I would appreciate any pointers as to how I might do it right.


The reason for my post is that, as demonstrated in the uploaded file, I can't seem to get labelfont to work correctly.  When I include

font = [TIMES,BOLD,12]

it works fine but when I put in

Here's another really basic question.  Its about using suboptions.  The MAPLE help file gives the following info:








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