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How do I change the font on the labels of the horizontal axis of a plot ( I am not using the Interasctive Plot Builder)?



I have a matrix for which the elements have imaginary components which are quite small. For purposes of readabililty I removed the imaginary components as follows: A:=map(x->Re(x),A); However, I was wondering - Is there any I could have displayed the matrix showing just the real components without actually getting rid of the imaginary ones? Also, the components are displaying to 10 decimal digits which is awkward. I know if I set Digits:=5 for example, the diaplay would be more readable but I don't want the calculations to be done with that level of precision. Is there any way I ca
I am considering buyuing a notebook computer and all the ones I have taken a look at come w/ the VISTA OS. As I understand it from certain posts on this forum, if I were to buy one of those notebooks I would not be able to run MAPLE11 on it until some unspecified time in the future. Is my understanding correct? If so, I would hope and expect that the folks at Maplesoft give this matter high priority, inasmuch as it appears that most new computers come w/ VISTA installed.
I have recently been informed by people on this forum of the usefulness of Command Line MAPLE when compiling large programs. Thanks once again. As a test program I used WordPad to create f:= proc(x); x*5; end proc; then saved this as TestProc.mpl in C:\Program Files\Maple11 I then gave Command Line Maple the following commands > read "TestProc.mpl"; > f(x); and got the result 35, which I was hoping for. In a new command line session, I did the following... > interface(verboseproc=2); > writeto "BesselJ.mpl" > eval(BesselJ); > writeto (terminal); I then closed the session, picked up "BesselJ.mpl" with WordPad. I changed replaced every occurence of BesselJ with BJ2, stuck "BJ2 := " in front of the text and then saved it. Then I went back into command line Maple and did this
In order to further my understanding of the subtleties of the MAPLE programming language, I attempted to fool around with the code of one the the MAPLE procedures, specifically BesselJ(nu,x). I set interface(verboseproc=2) then I executed the command eval(BesselJ) and got, as output, the code of the procedure. I then copied the code to an input prompt and then in front of the code I put BesselJ:= When I attempted to compile this code I locked up MAPLE. I have an idea of what was happening. The code contains the statement BesselJ(nu,x):=0 and when MAPLE encounters this kind of construction it wants to know whether this should be interpreted as function construction of remember table assignment. Unfortunately, there was so much code being compiled that the box that appeared in the middle of the screen extended from the top to the bottom of the screen. The check boxes were out in space some where below the screen so there was no way I could get to them. So MAPLE kept waiting for an input that I had no way of giving it, and my only remedy was ctrl-alt-delete and then telling WINDOWS to shut down MAPLE. This happened on 2 different computers. I wonder if there is anyone out there who could help me with a workaround for this.
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