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A little while ago on another thread I asked about putting hats on variables and Georgious pointed me in the direction of a most helpful thread. I found that there was more that 1 way to do it. One of the ways involved this syntax `#mover(mi(θ),mo("∧"))` It works, but I haven't been able to find any documentation mi, mo or mover. I sure would appreciate it if someone could help me understand this syntax. Also, what if I want to out a dot above a hat on a variable ? Thanks
When I input 3*(x+y) the outpupt is 3x + 3y. Is there any way to go the other direction - that is, perform some operation on 3x + 3y that will yield the output 3*(x+y) ?
Hello, I wonder if someone could explain why, in the attached file, when I collapse the execution groups connected with the 3 equations the label (2) disappears but not the labels (1) or (3). Is there a workaround for this? Thank you View 2292_Label (2) on MapleNet or Download 2292_Label (2)
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I don't know how much interest this has for people on this forum, but I have just discovered (I think) a difference in how M10 and M11 handle differential equations. I just received M11 late last week, and when I tried to run in M11 a worksheet I had developed in M10 I got an error. It had to do with the fact that M10 gave me 2 solutions to a DE, whereas M11 gave me one. The first solution which M10 gave me was r(theta) = 0. M11 skipped this trivial solution. Arguably this is a better way to go, but it can cause problems for older worksheets, as it did on mine, where my next line tried to parse the second solution of the previous line. I have uploaded a file which illustrates this. Is it possible that there is some setting I could change in M11 to make it give me the same set of solutions as M10 gives?
I'm still making the transition from VB thinking to MAPLE thinking. In VB I delcared an 9 x 9 array of type square, where square was defined by Private Type square NumPossible As Integer Possible(9) As Boolean Number As Integer End Type I am trying to do the same thing in MAPLE with the code below. Since MAPLE is more flexible than VB, a certain possibility occured to me. With the code I have written below, does MAPLE have to store in its symbol table at run time 81 copies of the symbols 'Number', 'Possible' and 'NumPossible' ? Square:=Array(1..9,1..9); InitializeArray := proc ()
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