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I just uploaded the file I am looking for a result such that when I collapse the document block I see the statement The answer to 4+3 is 7. on one line. I would like it so that if I expand the document block, and change the command line to 4 + 4 and then collapse the document block I will see The answer to 4 + 4 is 8. Is there any way to accomplish this? View on MapleNet or Download
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I am trying to write a paper in which I can, for presentation purposes, collapse document blocks and have the code not shown. I am running into the problem that when I collapse some document blocks code within is not displayed but when I collpase other document blocks all that goes away is the red prompt. I can't figure out why the difference. The attached file has two document blocks which, as far as I can tell, are identical except for a few words of text. When I collpase the first block the code remains displayed, but when I collapse the second block it does not. Can anyone figure out why the difference?

> Suppose I create a matrix as follows:

> Maple Equation

Now I want to make it a 4 x 3 matrix by adding a specific row vector on top. The approach below doesn't work.

> Maple Equation

The enclosed file has 2 document blocks. As far as I can tell, each block is identical except for the name of a procedure defined in it. When I go into Block A and select Format/Collapse Document Block, the procedure does not disappear. When I go into block B, it does. I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me why the difference. -Thanks View on MapleNet or Download 2292_Georgework
In the file I just uploaded,, the final statement is a text statement which has had two matrices copied into it. These matrices were copied from the output of equation 3). Is there any way I could make this 'live'. In other words, is there any way I could make it so that the matrices displayed in the last statement would change if the output of statement 3 changed? Also, I was forced to put the statements about the ZZZ matrices at the bottom of the worksheet because when you click the T (text) button, a new document block is always created at the bottom of the file. If I had wanted to put the statement about the ZZZ matrices right under equation 3), is there a way to have done this?
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