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Hi friends,

It is a simple question but I got confused... The best way to explain the problem is the example below (I modified my example to make it more clear and easier):

gCount := 1;

hCount := 5;

dCount := 10;

lineCounter := 1;

for k to gCount do

  for i to hCount do

    for j to dCount do


I want to plot a 3D function which is a summation of some other 3D functions (i.e. g(x,y) = f1(x,y) + f2(x,y) + ...). If I add them parametrically as they are, it will be a big parametric function of (x,y) and plotting takes a long time. To overcome the problem, I am thinking of calculating each function (e.g. f1(x,y)) and store its results in a matrix  for each, and then sum up all stored results. First of all, please let me know if there is an alternative...

Hi friends,

I have plotted a 3d function by plot3d (z=f(x,y)) , but at the same time I need to know the values of z and also the relevant x's and y's. In fact, when I extract z's from it via "op" function, I don't know to which (x,y) it relates. The only thing I get is the range of x,y, for example 1..5.


Hi every body I have two functions which are aold(x) and anew(x). I am using them to update a function as: For example: aold:=x-> x^2; for i from1 to 5 do anew:=x->aold(x)+x; aold(x):=anew; end do; But it does not work because it cause loop in assigning the function. Also, if I unassign the aold(x) as aold(x):='aold(x)', also anew(x) got unassigned automatically. I am looking for a way to assign anew(x) as anew(x)=aold(x) and after that disconnect the relation between the two functions. Thanks Hamidreza.
Hi everybody, I would like to plot a function, e.g. f=f( x(t) ), versus t. i.e. f=f(x) and x=x(t). Please let me know how I can do it. Thank you, Hamidreza,
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