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Hi, I have function like t^2+t+1 and I want to differentiate it with respect to time and set it an a new function, in order to calculate its derivation at some points. for example: a1_Func := (t)-> t^2 + t + 1; a2_func:=d/dt a1_Func(t); it works fine, but I can not call a2_func(t) at t=2 sec for example and it gives me an error saying "Error, (in a2_Func) invalid input: diff received 2, which is not valid for its 2nd argument". Please let me know how I can tell that the second function is also a function of time? Thank you,
Hi, I am working on a complicated expression. For the matter of simplicity, I want to define some new variables in order to express it in a more concise form. For example, where ever I have p^2/q^2, I want in to be replaced by a new defined variable like s, which is defined the same, i.e. p^2/q^2. So an expression like p^2/q^2 + 3 will turn to s+2. Please let me know if maple can do it, and if yes, how? Thanks, Hamidreza
Hi everybody, I have a series and I want maple to truncate small variations of a variable of the order greater than n. For example, series1:=1+x+x^2+O(x^3) = 1+x+x^2. Thank you,
Hi everybody, I execute this code: But dsolve does not give me any response! Do you know what the problem could be? Thank you,
Hi everybody, I have six coupled PDEs to solve. Because of complexity, Maple can not solve them at once, unless I solve three of them first and then satisfy the boundary conditions, then import them into the remaining equation. So it is somewhat semi-manually. The problem is, I do not know how to extract and modify the answer function from the answer of the PDE. Could you please let me know how I can modify the answer and put it back into the other equations? Thanx,
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