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Hi, I am defining a matrix this way: m := Matrix(2, 3): But I don't want zero value to be assigned by default to its elements, instead I want to have them as just m[i,j] and not zero. Please tell me how I can do that. Thanx,
Hi, I want to construct a general 3 by 3 matrix, but its form is symmetric. How can I do that? As the result maple must consider a[1,2]=a[2,1] in calculations afterwards. Thank you,
Hi, I am developing a code with maple, summing up some elements of a 4th-order matrix like this for i to 3 do for j to 3 do for k to 3 do for l to 3 do S[i, j, k, l] := delta[i, j] + delta[k, l] end do end do end do end do; sum(sum('S[1, 1, k, l]*A[k, l]', 'l' = 1 .. 3), 'k' = 1 .. 3); But after execution, I get this error: Error, (in tools/add) bad index into Matrix "A" and "delta" are 3 by 3 matrices. Please help me come up with a solution. Thanx,
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