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 I am using a very basic function in Statistics package as below and get error. 

X := RandomVariable(Normal(a, b));

I have a complicated function (combination of exponential and sin), and I want to find the infinite integral of that from 0 to infinity which I know that the function itself converges to zero at infinity. I used evalf to force maple to do that but it fails to give the numerical answer. How can I resolve the problem?




Hi friends,

I have windows 7, 64 bits, and I upgraded my maple to 64-bits version as well (Maple 13.02). But I wonder why in the task manager of windows, maple is still tagged as a 32 bits application (e.g. "maple.exe *32"  and  "mserver.exe *32")? In fact, I think the reason that I cannot run one my maple projects, which needs more than 2GB RAM, comes from this issue. Could you help me resolve the problem?

Thank you!

Hi friends,

I am running an application which consumes big memory (~2GB); and in the middle of calculation I got this error:

Kernel connection lost... and the message is:

Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed! Please see ?alloc for more details...

Please let me know how I can increase memory alocation capacity of maple (version: Maple 13)

Hi friends,

I am using contourplot / contourplot3d for a function f(x,y). But the coloring accepts only two colors whereas I want to get a contour like the one which is shown here  and is more common in most engineering applications.

My second question is how I can change the size of the plotted graph, because I am using the results in a report, so I need to have a better resolution.

Thank you!

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