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What am I missing?  Why it is not trivial to ask Maple to find all nth roots of a complex number in standard a+ib form or polar form and receive the answer in simplified polar form as it would be shown in any Trigonometry or PreCalculus textbook?

Before version 2016 Maple was incredibly good at evaluating an infinite power series and returning a simple function, e.g. 1/(3x+2).  Now version 2016 just returns the input sum expression with no change.  Is there some new command to get the old results?

How can version 17 be forced to produce [VectorCalculus]TangentLine results consistent with previous versions?

Suppose you have a 3D position vector defining a curve using a parameter t.  One can evaluate the curve at a specific value of t.  Say the point is p.  One can differentiate the curve and evaluate it at the specified value of t.  Say the result is the vector v.  Then the tangent line is p + tv.  The VectorCalculus Tangent Line...

The Single Variable Calculus Approximate Integration Tutor (and the function ApproximateInt) work fine for the built-in example of sin(x) from 0 to Pi.  But if you change it to sin(Pi*x) from 0 to 1 then plot options are ignored.  And if you ask to integrate sin(3.1415926*x) from 0 to 1, then it works again.  Is there a work-around?

I can define a discrete, finite universal set U, say the digits 1-5.


I can define a subset such as


Maple will compute the complement


but I cannot find any common textbook way of naming that complement that Maple will accept.  I cannot use a superscript c.  I cannot use a prime.  I cannot use an apostrophe.  I cannot use an overbar. Yes, I can type any of those using the various symbol...

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