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restart; with(Student[LinearAlgebra]); A := Matrix([[2, 3, -4], [0, -4, 2], [1, -1, 5]]); for i to 3 do for j to 3 do print((-1)^(i+j)*Minor(A, i, j)) end do end do; How to code to get that is egal to Adjoint(A)? Thank you.
An ellipse of focus F1 and F2 is considered in which the focal length F1F2=2c is equal to the length 2b of the short axis; the length of the long axis is 2a. M being any point of this ellipse, calculate the lengths MF1=x and MF2=y according to a and angle F1MF2 = alpha. What is the maximum value of alpha? Thank you for your help.

I want to vary t from -15 to -7 and from 7 to 15 how to write the Explore command?
example : Explore(Fig(t), t=-15..-7 and t=7..15); which does't work.  Thank you.

eqell := expand((x+(1/2)*R1-(1/2)*R)^2/a^2+y^2/b^2-1); geometry:-ellipse(ell, eqell, [x, y]); detail(ell); ellipse: hint: unable to determine if 1/(1/2*R+1/2*R1)^2*(1/(-8*R^3*R1+14*R^2*R1^2-3*R*R1^3)*R^2+2/(-8*R^3*R1+14*R^2*R1^2-3*R*R1^3)*R1*R+1/(-8*R^3*R1+14*R^2*R1^2-3*R*R1^3)*R1^2) is zero Error, (in geometry:-ellipse) the given polynomial/equation is not an algebraic representation of a ellipse. How to manage this error ? Thank you.
Be an ellipse E of center O, of foci F, F1, of major axis AA1 (OA=a, OF=c), M a point of E, m its projection on AA1, T and N the points where the tangent and the normal in M cut AA1 respectively. How to establish the formulas: NF=c/a*MF; Om*OT=a² ; ON=c²/a²*Om ? Thank you.
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