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Hey guys, here is the absolute last question concerning my project. I'm so close to the end line I can taste it, yet this final problem is preventing me from opening that bottle of champagne. The Objective: Getting Maple to animate a block to slide up a 30 degree slope given a users initial velocity and mass. The Method: A sequence of frames using rectangles with Plot package. An array to store all the vector information for vector arrows. The Problem: The box goes up, however does not come down. The Root Reason: I don't know how to tell the sequence to go down, only forward.
First a thank you is in order for gkokovidis for helping me with a problem earlier. The brief story is I am trying to animate a certain box on a 30 degree slope. In order to put it together, I need to be able to turn it into a an array. In order to set an array, I need to be able to parse a certain value to an integer. Let me show you the code thus far. restart: with(plottools): with(plots): c := rectangle([0,1], [1,0]): d := rectangle([1,2], [2,1]): e := rectangle([2,3], [3,2]): f := rectangle([3,4], [4,3]): g := rectangle([4,5], [5,4]): IPLaunch:=proc(v0,m) local g,a,t,S,h,T:
Hello guys, long time no post. I'm back into the field of Maple, and i've become a tad rusty. I never worked too much with animating anyways, so i'm totally flogged on this aspect. My primary goal is to animate a block (or square), on a 30 degree ramp. The procedure and calculations for this is all set, so there is no need to worry about this, all i've got left to do, is learn to animate this. It needs to go up, and then go back down, with the initial velocity, and mass given by the user. There is no form of GUI, the user inputs the information from the worksheet itself. If anybody could provide a link they think would be useful, or help me by telling me what exactly I will need to learn to achieve this, that would be ace!
So I went ahead with alec's timer code and expanded on that, his window approach was also the approach I would need to furthar push the project to completion, so the beginning is pretty much his code, and works plenty fine. Now I was working on the project and then realized in order to set things up the way I want, i'm going to have to make a grid layout, also suggested by a fine coder here in a previous help topic, now my problem is, I had to rehaul ALL of my code to use grid layout, grid layout seems like a really easy to use system, and I started converting all the code to comply with that, and in the huge mess of brackets and square brackets, I seem to have messed up the overall opening and closing of said brackets.

So guys, here comes the big and pretty much final questions. I'd like to thank you all ahead of time, for all the help you have given me, truly you have made this project much easier, and have saved me weeks and many hours that I can now use for other subjects. In any case, this is what the "circuits" page will look like I have taken alec's advice and have decided that for the other questions all I will do is hide and show elements accordingly, and again thanks to his clock/timer help, I will be able to write the procedures to do these commands. Thanks to Doug's many Calculas Maplets, I have taken a good look at GUI set up, however his examples, are... well very advanded :D. I guess I couldn't expect any less for somebody who did 20+ years of Maple right? Moving along to the question, my question now is, how exactly would I go around building the blocks so that the window would look like that? The drop down menu and the label image would both have to be in the same "[ ]" brackets, or would that break the flow layout, or would that create the image and the drop down menu beside each other (which is what I don't want...) On a side note, this question is actually kinda a real struggle point for me, is it possible to create "frames" inside this Maplet window, so that I can add or remove elements from it? This is a crucial question because I will be adding and removing textfields from certain areas, like you are seeing, and that is going to look really messy code wise if I have to do this another way. So a question directly related to that one, is it possible to remove frames entirely? Am I going to have to use any kind of special layout to be able to design this with ease? I was thinking a grid layout of sorts would be necessary, but even in that, can anybody provide a very simple and basic version of that for me to learn from? Thats the bulk of the questions, there are some minor ones that will follow depending on the answers. I would really like to thank each and every one of you ahead of time for your assistance.

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